Friday, June 6, 2008

From Plan A to Plan B

Always, one should have a plan B when Plan A doesn't work. Today, we were up early. Mark was off to his construction job, which by the way, is beginning to take shape. They should be finished with it by Monday. I did a load of laundry and did some ironing. Plan A going great. I was busy checking on a few blogs and learning a little about Photo bucket, just waiting until time to go get my hair done. "Ring, goes the phone," my hairstylist has called to see if I can come tomorrow instead of today. "Sure" no problem, just make sure no slip ups tomorrow, I have to have a hair cut.

Now, this is when I have to put plan B in to consideration. That's okay, and it might work out better. I got a few more errands run today and have made one trip to Karen's school to do a few things. We worked until about 4:30.

She has now gone to pick up baby girl at the sitters and will come home to feed her. Her dad is coming home a little early and we will go back to school this evening to accomplish a lot. LOL... Seriously, I hope it is a lot so she doesn't have much left for Monday, since I cannot help. My help for her on Monday will be taking care of 5 children.

And, in between, taking care of children, I will be thinking, I have forgotten anything for the trip. Well, it is time to get back to work.

For everyone out there, here's wishing you a great weekend and I hope your plans stay on track.


  1. that falling branch was something else...glad no injuries or serious damage jesse

  2. We are the poster children for "no plan B".