Monday, June 23, 2008

What A Day...

Oh my, when I last wrote, we had arrived in Branson, MO, for the RV Dreams Rally. I said that the story would be continued…but so much happened and I was having so much fun that I am sorry to say my blogging was put on the back burner. Now, many days later, so much time has past and most of that story has already been told by the other dreamers. So, I will not take the time to repeat what has already been said by so many others. My last thought from our week in Branson is to just say thanks to Howard and Linda for all the work they did. Hugs to both of them and let’s get the next one planned.

Now let’s just quickly catch up since the rally. We left the rally and headed towards Carthage. There we got the few items adjusted on the motor home at Coachlight RV. We stayed in the RV Park there. This is where we purchased the motor home and we always like to stay there at the park when we are in the area. And, as always when I am there, I made my trip to the Precious Moments Chapel and gift shop. I might add if you are ever in the area it is an attraction worth taking in.

We finished our business in Carthage on Tuesday and headed on towards Texas. I did talk Mark into stopping at the Riverwind Casino in Norman, Oklahoma for the night. We arrived there around 6:00 and quickly made our way inside and found the buffet, which was the best deal of the night. With the senior discount, both of us ate for $12.60. Now, with a full stomach, we were off to the slots. We played until around 11:00 We, didn’t win much, but we didn't leave much either, so guess we can just say we had a good time. It was a casino I will visit again. No RV Park, but they let you dry camp on the back parking lot.

Wednesday morning we were up early and on our way to Fort Worth. We arrived mid-morning and got started regrouping for our next trip. At this point, I will fast forward to today which is Monday, June 23 and the day we leave on our grandchildren trip to Kerrville.

Andrew, Lauen, and Zachary

We were up early this morning, as our first little traveler arrived at 6:00 a.m. and the other two appeared around 8:00. We did not tarry long because the three of them were on board and ready to roll. We were all settled in and doing our own thing. Andrew always rides up front with his poppa. Zachary and Lauren are on the couch with their games and I have the rocking recliner and am settled in with the laptop determined to catch up on my blog in between my flight attendant duties…LOL, but loving every minute I live as Moppah.

Andrew, the co-pliot

Zachary and Lauren

Then came this strange surging and leaping and from the cockpit came...


We have made it almost to Hamilton, which is about 90 miles from the house. The motor home is struggling to go. The same sort of problem we had when we were coming home from Port Aransas. If you remember last time this happened we filled up with new fuel and all was well. However, today, that was not the case. We made a u-turn on 281 and went back into town, filled up with $100 in fuel and took off. Again, we made it a little way down the road and the same thing happened.

Now, Mark has pulled over and we decide that before we get stranded on 281, a back road, we had better head back to Fort Worth. So, we unhook the jeep and he and the boys make one more u-turn and headed for Cummins in Fort Worth. Lauren and I followed in the jeep. Upon arrival at the Cummins dealership, they assess the situation and find that there is a blockage in the check valve in the primmer pump, between the tank and the fuel filter. I think I have described that correctly, but more to the point, $691.00 later, another $130 in fuel, we were back on the road. Mark has just told me while we were having the problem earlier we used 28 gallons of fuel in 90 miles. Well, I guess it could have been worse and we could have had to be towed. So, at this point, I will count my blessings and not complain too much. I am grateful to the guys at Cummins that got us right in and out. And, thanks to Jennifer for coming to our rescue and taking us to get lunch while Poppa was stranded at the repair shop.

The only thing we really lost out on was an afternoon at the RV Park, but, now that we are back on the road, we are planning on making it to Boone RV Park in Lampassas for the night. I am hoping for wifi there so I can chat for a short time later tonight.

We have arrived at the Boone RV Park, yes, I have wifi, and all is well. It will be on to Kerrville tomorrow.

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  1. Man that is a bummer!!! I am glad that it all turned out sort of OK. We stopped at Shrevesport as you well know and put some money on deposit there. Sherri made withdrawl to break her even and I was down $2.00 when I left. I did get my breakfast though so all is well.

    Speedy and his gal