Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fun At Buckhorn Lake Resort

Yeah! We arrived at Buckhorn Lake Resort today about 11:30. Of, course, my three travelers were eager to get out and about the business of checking out every corner of the park. And, yes, they have been here before and I don't think one thing has changed. After a quick bike trip around the park they were back and ready for lunch. We spent the afternoon bike riding and in the pool. I won't go into detail with a lot of information. I am just going to let the pictures speak for themselves...

I wonder where Poppa has stored all our stuff?

Let's go and see what we can find

This is the loop across from ours. This is out our front window.

These two guys came swimming by this afternoon.

This is the part of the main section of the park

Lauren says to tell everyone hello, and come on in, the water is great!

All is quite when dinner is served!

Well, all is quite tonight and my three travelers are all sound asleep. They will be up with the sun and looking forward to another day here in the park. Tomorrow we are expecting four of the big kids and the two other grand babies (by the way this will be their first vacation). Then on Thursday the other two big kids are coming. So with that thought, I am headed for bed by self. See you tomorrow...


  1. What a nice looking park! I wish we weren't in this concrete parking lot. I will miss the gkids when we leave but not this park.


  2. Hey looks like your having fun?? I am at work...do you think I am having fun?? Sherri just called me and said she had no hot water..Oh Boy can't wait to get home and see what those kids have tore up now.