Tuesday, June 10, 2008

A Busy Weekend and Arrival in Branson

About this past weekend, just let me say it was hectic. There were a lot of things that needed to get accomplished in preparation for leaving on Monday. I will not bore anyone with the busy activities that took place, but I do want to share a couple of pictures of Zachary, our 3rd grandchild.

He came to visit on Saturday and brought his newest toy with him. This is his monster truck. He has worked very hard throughout first grade to earn this. Congratulations Zachary, and Pop and I are very proud of you and all of the awards you earned this year in school.

Oh, yes, let me just say this about his new remote control truck. It will go about 45 mph and for those of you that are complaining about the price of fuel, the gas for this truck is $27.00 per gallon.

It is now off to Branson and the 1st RV Dreams Rally. We got away from home around 4:30 on Monday afternoon. We dodged rain for awhile, but then it turned into a beautiful evening. We drove to Joplin, MO and spent the night in the Sam's parking lot. We were up early this morning and both anxious to get on the road to Branson. After a short 120 miles we arrived at the ABC Campground.

After a trip through the motor home/car wash, we set up in our site. We are next to Karon and her DH, Ellie and Jim are on the other side of them. Joe and Sherri are on the row in front of us and the big tent with Howard and Linda is right behind us. I think we got a prime spot.

The big tent is the central location for the rally. After we checked in and met several of the other RVers, we were ready for the fun to begin and the rally doesn't even officially start until tomorrow.
Linda is getting hair done in a french braid. Ginger is looking on.
Speedy has discovered that the wifi card in his computer does not work. Ellie and Mr. Geek are trying to fix the problem...
This afternoon, Linda and Ginger held class on making braid bottom t-shirts. It was quite interesting.
The rest of the afternoon was spent visiting, some came and some went, and some stayed under the big tent all afternoon. By night fall almost all had arrived. There are a few left to arrive tomorrow. It has been a great day and we are looking forward to getting to know all of our fellow RV dreamers better. Until tomorrow....this story to be continued.

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