Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A New Day and New Travelers

Today, we had another fun day in Kerrville. My three travelers were up and on the move early. Today, they would anxious await the arrival of more family due to join us this afternoon.

Andrew and Poppa were up first and outside watching the workkampers get started for the day.

Lauren was next to appear, and trying to make the big decision about what she would wear today.

Hello, sleepy head...come on out and join us.

Big pow-wow about the plans for the day...

Better have a little playtime at the park.

These two are putting a welcome note on the door of the cabin where their parents will be staying when they get here.

Poppa is just relaxing and counting the fish.

Craft time in the heat of the afternoon

This is Kourtney our number 5 grandchild. This is her first vacation.

Welcome Caden. This is our number 4 grandchild. He is busy checking out the tow bar on the jeep. This is also his first vacation.

So, it is goodnight for now, as we look forward to another busy day tomorrow with the arrival of our last two visitors.

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  1. Well looks like all is well with you both. The kids look content. Ours are at the pool all day. Sherri is burnt to a crisp. I told her...oh well. Sarah was looking for you last night on the chat. I told her you were very busy with your group..I will show her the pictures so she will know what I mean. LOL

    Joe and Sherri