Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Just Working Away

I didn't journal yesterday as I was busy from sunup to way after sundown. I had a doctor's appointment but finished quickly with the dermatologist and was on my way. Mark was working on the building at our son's house, so, I knew he was quite pre-occupied. So, great, I am thinking, this would be a good time to make a trip through the mall. I found some real bargains and purchased myself some new shorts for the summer. I bumped into my friend, Karen. She and her husband travel with us several times a year. She had also seen the same sale as myself and was trying to add to her summer wardrobe. We had a good time in the dressing room laughing and talking about the Branson trip and then thinking on towards July and where we might like to travel. We made our purchases and she and her DH were off to finish their errands and have lunch.

I made a few more stores and then headed to catch up with Mark. He doesn't tell time too well, and completely forgot to eat lunch. I think I arrived with nourishment just in time to keep him for passing out in the back yard. Somewhat revived, he finished what he had do, picked up his tools and headed for the house and the air conditioning. It was very hot yesterday, like 98, with a 107 heat index.

I was now off to pick up grandchildren and help Karen work in her classroom. We accomplished a little. We took down some bulletin board material and rearranged some book shelves. However, there is still a lot to do before she leaves on Monday for the summer break. Last night we went to run a few errands for the teacher retirement party.

By the time we got back home, she was busy getting baby girl ready for bed and I was off the chat with my friends. All I can say is that the excitement about the rally is growing by the day.

It is now Wednesday and Mark left early to go back to his construction job. I was up and had the laundry started early. I did a little cleaning in the motor home, took out some winter clothes that I am sure I won't need for several months. I took a little inventory of the pantry and have a serious grocery list underway.

I decided to take a little break and got on the computer and made my list of those attending the rally so I could make note of those arriving early and their site numbers as they are posted. I looked over the itinerary one more time and made some mental notes of the events for the week. While working on the computer, I decided to catch up on my blog, which brings me to the present time.

I am not sure what the rest of the day will bring, so in case I don't get back, I hope everyone out there is having a great week. For those that are counting down the days to June 11, I hope your packing and travel plans are coming together. Safe travels to those already on the road and see you soon.

In closing, I am posting pictures of the big construction job in progrss.


  1. Looks like the construction is coming together just fine. What do you call those roof things again?? There will be a roof won't there?? Doesnt look at this point like you will need air conditioning but you might be in trouble if it rains. I am so excited about Branson I am calling in sick to work tomorrow - maybe they won't notice I am gone. Can't wait to see you!!!


  2. The construction project is lookin' good!

    Glad you were able to find the shorts you were looking for. Sounds like you need them where you are!