Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Back To Texas

Last night we had to hug Jim and Ellie good-bye until the next time.  Then, this morning, after we made breakfast last until almost lunch time, we had to tell Rod and Deb bye until the next time.

They headed out of the parking lot to return to Needles, California while we headed to

San Diego 002

the San Diego airport to wait on

San Diego 004

our ride home.  And, what a ride it was.  We were lucky enough to grab a couple of first-class seats and were pampered all the way to Dallas.  I think we ate and drank all the way.  It was a great flight.

This is a photo

San Diego 008

I took from 32,000 feet, just as the sun was setting.

We arrived at DFW a little earlier than scheduled and found Greg waiting on us at the baggage claim area.  We dropped him off in Arlington and headed on to Fort Worth.  It is burr cold here…I am glad Karen turned on the heater in the motor home before we got there.

Again, what a great time we had with friends.  Spending time with you guys made this Christmas season a little more special.

Now, tomorrow, I have drag myself back to the reality of laundry, cleaning, and cooking!  Oh, yes, there is the Christmas shopping to finish too!


  1. Since we're still sitting here at the RV dealer I haven't gotten back into the "mode". I need to get back to our campground and get things decorated and REALLY need to start some shopping!!


  2. So glad you had such a great visit with good friends and a safe trip home.

  3. Well, now that you're probably back in the groove at home, I just have one question - when will you be back out here? It's warm here again, still a little rainy, but next week should be pretty!

    We miss y'all!

  4. Dortha--can you e-mail me and I promise this time I will put your address in my address book--I thought I had but obviously not!! Could you include some photos of your dining table/desk set up, too. Michael is having trouble remembering--I think he is doing it on purpose to delay!! Hugs, Janna