Monday, December 7, 2009

San Diego…Here We Come

Yesterday, our day started really early.  I mean, early like 5:00 am.  But, I was up as soon as the alarm went off and excited to start the day.

After living and traveling in the motor home, it is hard to remember what you need to pack to take a airplane trip. LOL, but I think I have everything.

We stopped in Arlington to pick up our son, Greg, who would be taking us on to DFW to catch our flight to San Diego.  We arrived in plenty of time, checked in and settled in to wait for our plane to arrive from New Orleans.

Soon we were boarding and in just a few hours we would be in San Diego.  Upon arrival, we had to catch the shuttle that would take us to the car rental facility.  We quickly were issued a car and drove the 15 miles to El Cajon, where we checked in to our hotel.

We called Jim and Ellie to let them know we had arrived in town and would out to the RV Park after we grabbed some lunch.  She had talked with Rob and Deb and they would also be arriving later in the afternoon.  They were driving from Needles, CA, which is about a 5 hour trip.

We did all finally make it to Jim and Ellie’s….there were hugs, laughs, and lots of catching up do to since we were all last together.  That took us right through the afternoon, right into happy hour, a few football games, and  into the wonderful dinner Jim and Ellie had planned and prepared for us.  Thanks guys, it was great food, and great to all be together again.

After dinner we discussed the plans that would carry us through the next couple of days.  The weather isn’t looking too promising for a lot of outdoor activity, so we decided that we might try some of the museums at Balboa Park.  I am sure there will fun whatever we do.

Soon, it was time for Mark, Rod, Deb, and I to say goodnight and head back to our hotel and settle in from the long day of travel.

Sorry there are no pictures from yesterday, but, it seemed I never had a free hand for the camera.  However, I promise to be better today as this adventure gets under way.


  1. Fun! Sounds like you are going to have some more great times with good friends!