Friday, December 25, 2009

Three Days of Christmas

Yesterday was Christmas Eve and the first of our three days of Christmas celebrations.  We woke to a cold rain that was soon mixed with snow.  What…a white Christmas in Texas.  That is almost unheard of.  But, as promised, by afternoon when it was time to head out for my mom’s house, this

Christmas 2009 006

was what it looked like.

Mark and I stopped to pick up his mom and then it was on to mom’s.  From the den window, I found mom’s

Christmas 2009 010

backyard looking like a winter wonderland.

One by

Christmas 2009 013

one everyone arrived.  Greg and Kate

Christmas 2009 014

drove about 25 miles in this frightful weather.  Thank goodness the temperatures were in the 70’s the day before or this would have been a real mess.

Now, for a few hours, we were all snug and warm, and together and

Christmas 2009 015

dinner was waiting.

During the evening, I was able to catch a few group pictures…there was

Christmas 2009 012  Scott and Caden, and

Christmas 2009 019

Caden and Kourtney.

I found

Christmas 2009 033

Kate and Zachary hanging out waiting for present time.  Soon the kids

Christmas 2009 040

tore into their gifts, while

Christmas 2009 046

my nephew, my sister, and my mom were waiting for their number to be called so they can choose a

Christmas 2009 042

gift card from the table. This is a game we play on Christmas Eve.  Choose a card and hope it doesn’t get stolen by the next person, especially if you get a really good one.  Lots of fun and laughs during the evening.

By this time, the weather was getting so bad that we all decided we should head home.  It was a slow go, but everyone made it home safely.  And soon all were tucked into bed to await Santa’s arrival.

This morning, Christmas morning, we were awakened with a phone call from Kourtney.  Santa had visited her and she was calling for us to come in from the bus to the house to see

Christmas 2009 053

her new red tricycle.  And, then there was all the goodies

Christmas 2009 060

in her stocking.

We spent the morning with her before Karen and Kenneth headed out to his mom’s house.  Greg and Kate would be spending the day with her family. Scott came by for a little while this afternoon, but for the most part, Mark and I have have a quite Christmas Day.

I actually enjoyed the last of the

Christmas 2009 050

snow from inside the motor home while getting ready for tomorrow which will be our third day of this year’s  Christmas celebration.

  Tomorrow will be a big day as all of the kids and grandkids will be with us.  And when they arrive, they will be anxious to see what

Christmas 2009 082 

has been hidden in all these presents for so long.

As we continue our celebration, we hope each of you had a very blessed and Merry Christmas!

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  1. Dortha and Mark, we are all so truly blessed aren't we! Enjoy today with your family.