Wednesday, December 9, 2009

More San Diego Fun

Tuesday brought a better weather day to San Diego allowing us to wake to sun, a blue sky, and a plan for the day.

After breakfast, Rod and Deb headed out to meet Deb’s niece for a visit and then lunch.  We waited at the hotel for Jim and Ellie.  They arrived around 11:00 and the four of us headed to San Diego Bay.

We found a parking garage close to the area where were needed to be, parked, and started walking

San Diego 003

down the street.   The first thing on the agenda was

San Diego 004

a place for lunch.  Dick’s Last Resort was the choice.

We were San Diego 005

seated and with bib’s on, we were ready to tackle a great lunch.  Hamburgers, Buffalo Chicken Sandwiches, Wraps, and Fries were the choices.  And, great choices they were.

After a fun lunch, we were off for the walk to work off all those fries.  We headed on down the street to the area known as

San Diego 010

the Gas Lamp District.  This is the area of downtown that is close to the Bay, the Convention Center,  hotels, and lots of places to eat and shop.  It is also the location of

San Diego 015

Petco Stadium, home of the San Diego Padres.

We made our way on across the street,

San Diego 014

up the elevator and down the other side to the

San Diego 022

walk way along

San Diego 023

Embarcadero Park.

From here you could see

San Diego 020

the bridge over to Coronado Island, and the

San Diego 024

boats in the harbor.

We continued our walk along the water until we came to

San Diego 027

Seaport Village.  This was a great spot to get in a little shopping.  It is filled with lots

San Diego 034

of cute little shops,

San Diego 032

lots of flowers,

San Diego 046

walkways and ponds for

San Diego 049


The village was also decorated with a beautiful

San Diego 051

Poinsettia Christmas tree.

Soon the afternoon was almost gone and it was time to head back to El Cajon.

Jim and Ellie made a run out to the RV Park to take care of the fur kids while we stopped off at the hotel.  We met up with Rod and Deb.  Then the four of us headed out to meet back up with Jim and Ellie at the local casino for dinner.

After a little slot play and dinner, we found that it was all too soon when we had to say not only good night, but good bye for this time.

Tomorrow, Rod and Deb will head back to Needles and Mark and I will head home to Texas, while Jim and Ellie will be staying on for few months here in San Diego.  But, as this adventure was ending, there were already plans being made for the next one.

Thanks Jim, Ellie, Rod, and Deb for a great time and see you all again real soon.


  1. It is great when friends come together and have adventures. We know about the parting but it makes the reunion that much better...

    Somewhere in Time

  2. What a great tour of the area, thanks!
    Glad you all had such a wonderful visit with such good friends.

    Safe travels