Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Something Old…Made New

Over the last couple of years the Fort Worth Children’s Museum has been being rebuilt.  It finally reopened just about a month ago.

Today, we decided to go and take a look at the

Fort Worth Museum 064

new facility.   I think

Fort Worth Museum 060

everyone in town was there today as well.  But, we still managed to

Fort Worth Museum 002

shoot parachutes up through this wind tube and

Fort Worth Museum 001

turn all the big wooden gears and wheels.  Then we were

Fort Worth Museum 011

off to find the dinosaurs.  Who ever knew they had

Fort Worth Museum 014

such big feet?

The fun didn’t stop there, and soon it was our turn to view the 3-D movie about energy.  But, everyone had to

Fort Worth Museum 050

Fort Worth Museum 049

wear these silly glasses.

After the movie, we

Fort Worth Museum 038

enjoyed some water activities.  Andrew had no problem shooting the water really high in the sky!

Caden found

Fort Worth Museum 027

roads to build and

Fort Worth Museum 047

ambulances to drive.

Kourtney was more interested in

Fort Worth Museum 020

walking on the balance beams and

Fort Worth Museum 044

checking out groceries in the

Fort Worth Museum 039

miniature grocery store.

We had a great day at the new Children’s Museum and will defiantly go back for another visit because in the same facility is the I-Max which was showing 3 different movies, and the Planetarium.  And, if you get your fill of this museum, you can go right next door and take in

Fort Worth Museum 065

The National Cowgirls Hall of Fame.

Again, what a great day we shared with the kids in our beautiful

Fort Worth Museum 059

downtown Fort Worth.


  1. Wow that looked really interesting... My little Grandkids would LOVE it!!! Have a very Happy New Year!
    Travel Safe

  2. Oh wow...what fun! I can only imagine the fun the children had and how excited you must have been to see their excitement. What a wonderful facility.

    Hope you all have a wonderful, blessed 2010. Stay safe!!