Saturday, December 26, 2009

On The Third Day of Christmas

This afternoon the

Christmas 2009 048

gang arrived and these five were ready to tear into

Christmas 2009 045

all of these gifts that for the most part all belonged to them.  They had a great time…

Andrew got

Christmas 2009 086

hats and shirts, and

Christmas 2009 031

a car that goes fast.

Lauren loved

Christmas 2009 088

the cute shirts and

Christmas 2009 081 

Christmas 2009 026

two new dolls that were welcomed with love.

Zachary made out with lots

Christmas 2009 069

burnt orange….and in a house full of Aggies that’s a hoot.


Christmas 2009 095

loved his big green friend and lots of Thomas trains...while


Christmas 2009 078

was excited to unwrap her very own motor home…just like Poppa’s.

What an exciting time to see Christmas through the eyes of little children.  Tonight we spent precious time with our five reasons to be in Texas for the holidays!

And this concludes Christmas 2009!


  1. Good Morning Mark & Dortha... What a beautiful bunch of kiddies you have... That is what I love the most the excitement of the kids... Hope your day is wonderful and you are enjoying the time with the children... Where are you off to next? We will be delayed leaving on our trip to Texas because of some minor knee surgery I need... Have a SUPER day & travel safe!
    Happy New Year

  2. What a lovely Christmas Dortha!! Hope your holidays are truly blessed ones!

  3. Looks like the little ones are having the time of their lives!! It is such fun to watch the faces of our children. They are wide eyed with wonder and delight.

    Continue to enjoy and have a blessed holiday together.

  4. Christmas and children, they just go together naturally! Please give them all hugs from us, what precious babies and youngsters.

    We wish you the happiest of New Years and we'll see you down the road!

    Big Hugs!