Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Day In The Rain…

We woke this morning to the sound of rain.  But, we only have a few days here in San Diego, so we can’t let a little rain stop us.

Mark, Rod, Deb, and I

San Diego 005

headed downstairs to breakfast.


San Diego 007

Jim and Ellie arrived and we were ready to head out.

Our destination for the day was Balboa Park which is located just minutes from downtown San Diego.  It is the nation’s largest urban cultural park and home to 15 major museums, performing arts venues, gardens, and the San Diego Zoo.

We arrived

San Diego 009

at the entrance to the park.  It took us a little while to find a parking spot.  When we did, we found that we had to walk quite a ways in the rain, but no one seemed to mind.

Our first stop

San Diego 015

was at the Tea House at the Japanese Friendship Garden.

Next stop…the Visitor Center.  It was located just across from this

San Diego 020

beautiful building which is part of the Arts Museum.

After considering several different plans, we decided just to go on our own and take in just one or two of the museums.  One of the places we knew we wanted to see was the

San Diego 023

Botanical Garden House.  We saw beautiful displays of

San Diego 029


San Diego 033

sweet smelling herbs and greenery.  And, of course,

San Diego 027

a beautiful Christmas display of Poinsettias.

Just across from the gardens was a reflection

San Diego 026

pond that stretched all the way across to the other side of the park.

By this time, the rain was really coming down, but we moved on down the road to the Museum of Natural History.


San Diego 038

paid our way in and then set out to figure out how to cover all the exhibits.  And,

San Diego 040

San Diego 043

San Diego 050

there was lots to see and do.

By the time we made our way through all the displays, it was time to talk about lunch.  After visiting with the cashier in the gift shop, it was decided that we would go to Old Town San Diego

San Diego 062

to a near by Mexican food restaurant.  We

San Diego 063

continued our visiting over a great lunch.  Afterwards, we walked over to

San Diego 066

little shopping area where Deb was looking for a Mexican Bakery.  We learned it was located just down the street, but it was closed when we got there.

By this time, Jim and Ellie needed to get back to check on the fur kids.  Mark, Rod, Deb, and I headed back towards the hotel, but not before stopping off at Trader Joes to stock up on our favorite snack bars.  Thank goodness I have an extra suitcase to get them back to Texas.

Later, we headed out to RV Park where we continued our visiting and making plans for tomorrow.

What a great day in spite of the fact that San Diego got record rains today of 2.11  inches of rain and snow in the mountains!


  1. Great pictures and thanks for the tour.

    We will be near San Diego on the 21st, so your tour and photos of the area is timely!

    Looks like you are having fun with some good friends!

  2. Have fun you guys, hope to see you this winter sometime!

  3. Wonderful pics and thanks for sharing. The gardens look breath taking. Have fun!