Wednesday, December 2, 2009


When we went to bed last night, the weather forecast was for low’s in the 30’s and rain.  But….when we got up this morning, the temps were in the 30’s alright, but the rain

Count Down To Christmas 003  had changed to snow.  The weather radar

Count Down To Christmas 002 confirmed that there was a pretty large band that would be drifting our way.

And, we did get

Count Down To Christmas 005

a pretty good covering before it stopped.  The ground was much too warm for it to stick, but it was pretty to look at for a little while.

It was all gone by the time we headed out for our dental appointments.  But, it was still burrrr cold!

I understand we had another chance for the white stuff again on Friday.  Go figure, this is Texas at it’s finest. LOL

We spent the afternoon in the warmth of the motor home.  After lunch, we just been burned up the computers.  Mark was trying to re-install Google Earth, but it didn’t  want to cooperate with him.  Not sure what that problem was.

I was too busy making and confirming our final hotel and car rental plans for San Diego to worry about why his google earth wouldn’t install.  LOL

  I also talked with Rod and Deb and am soooo excited that they too are going to be joining us in San Diego.

What fun…now for sure you will have to wait and see what adventures come from this get together.

Now, I am off to meet up with Andrew and Lauren for dinner while Poppa is going to tumbling class with Kourtney.


  1. Like you said it is Texas and the weather will change given the chance.

  2. Great photos!! I like the updated header! Yikes! Looks like an early white Christmas.

  3. You are gonna have SO much fun with Jim & Ellie and Rod & Deb!! I'll admit it, I'm a little jealous. Please give them all hugs for us.

  4. We are so envious that you guys are getting to see Jim and Ellie. Give them a big hug for us--we miss you all!

  5. Sounds like your getting ready to have a ton of fun with friends... Wish we could be there too... Snow how lovely to look at... It has been really cold here in Arkansas too but no snow YET! Have fun and travel safely