Sunday, December 20, 2009

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Wow…time has really gotten away from me since we returned from San Diego.  So much to accomplish this time of year.  We spent this past week going to all of our doctors, physicals, labs, dentists, eye exams, etc.  But, yeah…other than the fact that I have to re-due some lab work in a month, we both seemed to be in good shape for another year.  So….

With doctors behind us, it was time to get to the Christmas shopping.  First on the list was the gifts for nieces and nephews that needed to be shipped.  That was easy and those boxes were soon on their way.  Next on the list was the gift cards.  My mom’s house has always been the place to go on Christmas Eve and the rule is…bring a $10.00 gift card and an appetite.  There will be lots to eat and a fun time of exchanging and stealing, and bargaining for those gifts cards.

Okay….gift cards are purchased and wrapped.  Then I was down to the serious shopping and that is the shopping for the grandkids.  Lots of fun for me and believe me I checked their lists twice before heading out.  Some of the items were easy to find, some were ordered online, and some I had to search for…but with a little effort, mission was accomplished.  Now, those items are just waiting for all those little hands to unwrap in seconds what took me days to find. LOL

So…with all the gifts accounted for…it was time to think about some baking.  There was a lot going on at

Christmas Baking 002once…while Scott was busy with  the homemade marshmallows, I was getting the savory little oyster crackers ready for the oven, and Karen was all into making cake balls.   These are part of goodies that Scott will take to his work and Karen will take to school.


Christmas Baking 012

watched her mom with interest, while Uncle Scotty

Christmas Baking 003 finished up the marshmallows and

Christmas Baking 008

my crackers cooled off for packing.  Karen’s cake balls took the longest, but she too was soon

Christmas Baking 007

finished and we had cake balls everywhere.

The cake balls seem to be an on-going project.

  Each cake mix will make about 50 balls and of course everyone wanted some.  She made them for Scott and Kenneth to take to work in addition to making them for her school facility.  So before we saw the last of the cake balls she had made several boxes.  Finally got wise and recruited a little help

Christmas Baking 027

from Lauren and Zachary.

Kourtney decided that

Christmas Baking 015

coloring was a lot calmer activity than all that was going on in the kitchen.  And, Poppa decided it was just best for him to go to the motor home and stay warm

Christmas Baking 001

with his new heater than to get in trouble in the house for tasting all the food.  LOL

Now, that the shopping is finished and the cooking is under control, Mark and I finally had time to set down and start talking about what we are going to do after the holidays.  We talked about several options.

From East to West to South, se couldn’t seem to come up with anything that was just right for us.  We went back and forth for a few days, did a little research, and made a few contacts…and then we finally made a decision.

  So…after New Year’s, we are going to Retama Village in Mission, Texas.  We are staying in one of Jack and Danielle Mayer’s sites for the month of January.  February has yet to be decided on, and in March we will be at The Last Resort in Rockport, Texas.  We are looking forward to getting back out on the road soon…

But, for the next couple of weeks, we will continue to enjoy this Christmas and New Year’s with family.


  1. Hey there... Sounds like you have all the Christmas chores under control... Me too! Although it is a first for me to be done so soon... and looks like everyone had so much fun baking Christmas goodies... Like you we are anxious to get back on the road too... We leave here on January 3rd and are heading somewhere around Dallas... To a Thousand Trail Park... Have fun and enjoy the season...

    Travel Safe

  2. Hi, Thanks for commenting on my Blog!!! We will be leaving Retama headed for AZ the last week of Jan. I'm sure we will get to see you..

    Enjoyed your blog, but believe I gainedd 5 lbs!!!

    Travel safe and see ya soon!!

    Its 67 deg right now (3:00pm) so the warm weather will be here to welcome you.. Just don't bring any cold stuff with...

  3. Good to hear from you. Merry Christmas!

  4. What fun! Everything looked so yummy! There is nothing better than good times with family.

    Enjoy the holiday and have a very Merry Christmas!

    Travel safe

  5. Glad you got your shopping done so early. Hope you and Mark and family have a great time with the grandkids and a very Merry Christmas!

  6. Ah, dang it, Dortha, I wanted you guys to come to Arizona with us! Sounds like you are having so much fun getting ready for Christmas with those grandkids. Have a wonderful Christmas and enjoy your winter in Texas, our paths will cross again I bet!

  7. Hey we are headed up to Chactaw in Durant for Christmas. We will be there the 24th 25th and 26th. We will celebrate Sherri's Birthday there and then return to Wills Point area sometime after the first of the year. Merry Christmas from the Speedy Family...we love you guys!!!!

  8. Sniff, sniff. I can't believe you're not coming this way. Just kidding, you gotta do what you want. Have fun in Texas!

    Debbie & Rod