Thursday, June 17, 2010

Are We There Yet?

I started this morning early...a little before 5 a.m., as I needed to get a jump start on finishing the things that can only be done at the last minute.  Plus, I decided to change and wash the sheets on the bed.

Then before I knew it, it was 7:45 and time for Mark to head off to his doctor's appointment.  At that point, I really picked up the pace, double checked all the doors and cabinets, non skid runners in place, etc.  Last thing was to run the vacuum, roll up the rug, and get the sheets on the bed.

I was just finishing when Jennifer pulled into the driveway with Andrew and Lauren.  We went about our business of putting away the last of their possessions.  Before we could finish,  Poppa was back from the doctor...stitches removed and his follow up appointment is scheduled for October.  Yeah, no more bandage changing!  His face looks really good.  I hope he doesn't have to go through that again.

While Mark and Andrew checked all the outside bay doors and put the water and electric away, Lauren and I cranked the diesel, ran in the slides, and pulled up the jacks.  Time to roll.


New York Trip 2010 008

needed to help Poppa drive the motor home down the driveway and into the street where Andrew

New York Trip 2010 016

got a lesson on how to hook up the jeep for towing.  In the meantime,

New York Trip 2010 018

Jennifer and Caden were making sure Lauren had enough hugs and kisses to last for a while.  Then it was

New York Trip 2010 019

time for  "see you later" and the official

New York Trip 2010 059

departure picture.

It didn't take long for Andrew to

New York Trip 2010 024

settle into the seat next to Poppa, while

New York Trip 2010 023

Lauren and her new doll, Lanie, made themselves at home on the sofa.

I took the position of flight attendant and navigator from mid-coach.

Streets and Trips directed us straight out I-30E through downtown Dallas.  However, we chose the little longer route and took I-20E through Arlington and Duncanville to 635 and picked up I-30E just west of New York Trip 2010 032

Lake Ray Hubbard.

We made a stop at a road side park for

New York Trip 2010 043


Other than the traffic coming  to a halt and narrowing to one lane for a work convoy, a big truck trying to squeeze us a little too close to a guard rail, and one minor accident that backed traffic up for just a little ways, the day has been filled with lots of giggles and talking.

We have seen diesel fuel priced from $2.75 to $2.93.  Of, course, you would know that we filled up prior to that $2.75.

We made it to West Memphis around 6:30 this evening where we had planned to have dinner at Cracker Barrel and stay for the night.  However, their parking lot was not too RV friendly.  So, we decided to drive on to Jackson, TN, which would put us on the east side of

New York Trip 2010 061

Memphis for tomorrow's travels...however...when we reached Jackson,  Mark and the kids decided they wanted to keep going on to Nashville.  This way, we won't have to drive so far tomorrow.  I think they are looking forward to a couple of play days in Louisville and want to get there ASAP.

  However, now...

some 12 hours, 700 miles, and 3 states later, I am about to be the one to say...."Are we there yet?


  1. Great blog, Dortha! The kids look REALLY excited about the trip. I still think they would have had more fun if you'd brought them to Alaska with US... ;)

    Debbie & Rod

  2. 700 miles of motorhome driving?? Oh my, my personal longest is about 500, and I thought that was way too many. Have a safe trip and a lot of fun with the bigger grandkids.

    Rod and Loyce

  3. Mark must have had the red lights going to make that 700 miles in 12 hours. Travel safe and have fun

  4. Never could have made that 700 mile trip in one day.

  5. That's one long travel day! At that rate you'd be in NY today! LOL

  6. Have a great trip! That sure is a long driving day though, not sure I could go that far. Good to hear the doctor's appointment went well.

  7. Oh what a great adventure to bring along the grandkids on such a long trip! They will remember this FOREVER! Can you imagine them sitting around a campfire 30 or 40 years from now... saying "REMEMBER WHEN WE TOOK THAT TRIP WITH GRANDMA AND GRANDPA???" You are making precious memories for them...

    Karen and Steve
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