Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Play Day

With most everything accomplished for our planned departure on Thursday, I decided to take a day out for a little fun with the girls.

So, this morning, Karen and I loaded up Kourtney, Lauren, and Melanie, a friend of Lauren's, and we headed out for the

A Fun Day 002

American Girl Doll Store in Dallas.  While the big girls were off shopping, Kourtney had a great time playing.  She

A Fun Day 005

bathed her Bitty Baby.  She

A Fun Day 008

cooked cookies and had

A Fun Day 007

had a tea party. 

Lauren took one of her dolls

A Fun Day 010

to the spa for a little clean up.  And...

When our shopping spree was over, all three girls had found everything on their shopping lists and we left with

A Fun Day 015

a big bag full of goodies.

While in Dallas, Karen and I made a stop by Penzey's  for a few needed spices and a few new ones we wanted to try.

By this time, the girls decided that all the shopping had left them really hungry, so it was off to Chili's for lunch.

It was then time to make our way back to Fort Worth.  Once back to the house, we had just enough time to catch our breath before heading out to Mansfield to Zachary's first baseball game of the Jim Sunburg Invitational Tournament.

We arrived and found Zachary at his favorite position,

A Fun Day 023

first base.  He made a couple of really

A Fun Day 044

great plays.   And, even took one

A Fun Day 061

for the team at his turn at bat.

Great game Zachary...glad Poppa and I had the chance to see one of your games.  Good luck with the rest of the tournament.  And...

What a fun day this has been!


  1. What a day for the g-kids. Looks like all had a great day.

    Stay Safe

  2. What a wonderful day out with the girls!!
    Glad you were able to get back in time to watch Zachery play ball. Hope the tournament goes well for his team. :)

    Have fun as you begin your trip!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)