Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Real Amish Kind of Day

Despite the thunderstorms that passed through here early this morning, we had our day planned and we weren't going to let a little rain stop us.  And, sure enough, by the time we were ready to leave, the sun was out and it promised to be a beautiful day.

Our destination today....

New York Trip 2010 050

the Yoder Home, located near Trail, Ohio.  The farm is a 116 acre working farm and the folks here were eager to share a slice of Amish life with us.

We found a few new

New York Trip 2010 054

friends before we made it out of the parking lot.  Lauren wanted to bring all three home with us.

While I was getting our tickets, Andrew

New York Trip 2010 058

was trying on hats and Lauren was already busy shopping around the gift store.

Soon, our tour was called...

We started out back

New York Trip 2010 064

with a trip past the garden.  Veggies and fruits that don't get eaten are canned and used during the winter.

On to the

New York Trip 2010 146

first house and a visit to the

New York Trip 2010 067


This type kitchen that was used in this house when it was built in 1836...but it is the type kitchen that is still used today by some branches of the Amish.

Our tour guide,

New York Trip 2010 073  Jess, was very informative.

The next house

New York Trip 2010 074

allows a style of Amish living that allows a "few" conveniences.

For instance...they, have gas stoves and lights that use batteries and indoor plumbing.

Since the Amish don't have any church buildings, the home is used for Sunday church services.  The family that hosts the service will also provide lunch.

On Saturday, the pews and hymn books that are stored in this

New York Trip 2010 062

bench wagon are delivered to the specified home.  Afterwards, it will remain at the home until the next service.  They meet every other week.


New York Trip 2010 080

living room is where the service is held and it typically lasts for about 3 hours.  The first hour is spent singing from the small hymn book on the left.

On the right hand side of the table is the Bible, which is written in High German.  The Bible study and sermon last for about 2 hours.

By the way, the church service is the only time the Amish speak High German.  The rest of the time they speak Pennsylvania Dutch or English.


New York Trip 2010 082  clothes are for Sunday.

There is no work of any kind done on Sunday except for milking the cows.

The home is

New York Trip 2010 068

furnished very simple and with very little decoration and no pictures of people as they consider that idol worship.

After seeing the houses, we were off to the

New York Trip 2010 125


Here, Lauren

New York Trip 2010 098

caught up with her little friends again.  And, she even

New York Trip 2010 108

made a new one...this baby colt is only 4 weeks old.

And, then, there was the

New York Trip 2010 116

new baby kittens.

I think I could have left her on the farm.  I mean she wasn't even taken back that

New York Trip 2010 084

these were the only clothes in a young girl's closet!

From, the barnyard, we made our way down the walking path to the

New York Trip 2010 137

school house.

Once inside, we all participated in a

New York Trip 2010 133

short lesson from the teacher.

We learned that the school day is from 8:30 - 3:00.  And, you would think that in Ohio, there would be lots of snow days....No way...the Amish children and teachers all walk to school, so no reason to close it, not even on a bad day.  Therefore, the school year is from late August to April.

The Amish children only attend through the 8th grade and then they graduate.  From there the boys learn a trade while the girls continue to learn to cook and sew.

All of the teaching in done

New York Trip 2010 134

around this teaching table, and, only one grade level at a time.  There are two teachers and each teaches 4 grade levels.

The first hour of each day is devoted to Bible study and memory verses.  Again, this is the only hour that the High German language is spoken.  The rest of the day, English is the language.

When we finished our school lesson, we were treated

New York Trip 2010 138

to a buggy ride around the farm.

Once back at the barn,

New York Trip 2010 139

Andrew and

New York Trip 2010 140

Lauren got a turn to sit in the driver's seat.

After our buggy ride...it was back down the trail

New York Trip 2010 076

past the pretty flower gardens to the gift shop for one last look.

Since we couldn't bring any of those cute baby animals home with us, Lauren decided on an

New York Trip 2010 184

Amish doll.

What a great time on the farm...

Next stop was in the little town of Trail at the home of

New York Trip 2010 149

Trail Bologna.

We made our

New York Trip 2010 151

purchase from the meat market.

Then it was on to The Amish Door for lunch, a stop at the RV Park and then we were off to

New York Trip 2010 179

Orrville, Ohio, to make a visit to

New York Trip 2010 173

Smucker's store...where...

New York Trip 2010 177

Of, course, we made a few purchases.

We were back at the RV Park by late afternoon.  Tonight we grilled hamburgers, did the laundry, and have the jeep all hooked up!

Tomorrow, we will be saying good bye to Ohio and traveling to New York.  We have had a great time so far and are looking forward to our new adventures.

See you tomorrow from Niagara Falls, New York.


  1. Wow, what an awesome time you are having.. I love seeing all this. Look forward to Niagara Falls.

  2. I am with Leno on that WOW how interesting their lives are and so simple. New York is a place I have been dying to go to so I can't wait to hear and see everything .

    Take good Care

  3. What a terrific way to "learn" about the Amish culture. You guys got to see it, touch it, feel it, experience it. Thanks for giving us such a great tour and super pics!
    Now we look forward to your adventures in New York. Safe travels tomorrow!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  4. Wow,what a busy day. Great story with great photos. Have a safe travel day, we'll see you in Maine.