Wednesday, June 30, 2010

More and More Arrivals

Today we are expecting a couple of arrivals.

First...the arrival of the tech from Safelite's mobile service.  On our trip from Cooperstown, we picked up a couple of windshield chips so, we arranged for them to be filled before doing any additional damage.  The tech arrived right on time and did a great job, filed the insurance, and was on his way.

By this time all the kids were up, dressed, having breakfast and awaiting the next arrival of the day...that would be

New York Trip 2010 067

the arrival of  Dad

New York Trip 2010 053

and J.

We are always excited when family joins us wherever we are.  And, today, Scott, Jennifer, and Cindy (Jennifer's Mom) flew in from Dallas to join in on our fun.  They will be staying until sometime next week.

Since they had to get up at 4:00 this morning for a 6:00 flight, we decided to have a slow day.  So after lunch, we drove just a few miles down the road to see the home of

New York Trip 2010 006

Orange County Choppers.  This has been a favorite TV show of the the boys.  We saw some really cool choppers...all of which are custom made.

We saw one for

New York Trip 2010 007

Spiderman, and one for

New York Trip 2010 015

Santa Clause.

There were choppers for

New York Trip 2010 024

football teams and

New York Trip 2010 023

baseball teams.

There was one made for

New York Trip 2010 018

the man who loves to grill, but to us, the coolest one in the place was the one made

New York Trip 2010 009

in honor of firemen!

Scott and Lauren had fun

New York Trip 2010 032

checking out all the cool sun glasses.

We then headed back to the RV Park for an afternoon of fun.  They all

New York Trip 2010 043

ran and

New York Trip 2010 049

jumped on the Jumping Pillow.

The boys

New York Trip 2010 065

dog piled Scott, while

Jennifer and Lauren

New York Trip 2010 074


New York Trip 2010 080

a chipmunk hotel.

Then, it was off for a little fun on the

New York Trip 2010 114

big bikes.

Andrew showed his Dad and J how to

New York Trip 2010 118

go down the big hill.   Then, it was

New York Trip 2010 122

their turn.

I think the big kids

New York Trip 2010 117

called it quits before the little one did.  But, they all had a great time!

We then decided on a dinner plan were we continued our visiting.  Scott, J, and Cindy then headed into town to the hotel and Poppa and I along with the kids headed back to the RV.

After a good night's sleep for all, we will tackle a new adventure tomorrow.

We still have one more arrival...due to be here on Friday evening...and that would be Greg and Kate, Zachary's parents.  They too, will be staying until sometime next week.

We are looking forward to a great holiday weekend, but until then, stayed tuned to our adventures for the next couple of days.


  1. You didn't say anything about all the patches and firemen's hats around the fire bike. But for sure it is the neatest one in the showroom.
    They make their money off of T Shirts and sun glasses. We were there before the new building was built, but many of the bikes are the same.
    Have a good time with all the family!

    Rod and Loyce

  2. Wow, that's a lot of people in the Phaeton! Or are the adults staying elsewhere? Glad to hear you're having a great time!

  3. I know you are LOVING having all the kids with you!!

  4. Oh what a fun time!! Orange County Choppers looks like a really neat place....very unique choppers. I am sure you all will have lots of fun with all the family there!!

    Take care!
    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)