Wednesday, June 2, 2010

More Yogi Adventures

My two little campers hit the bed last night without a word and slept all the way to 8:00 this morning.  Of, course, as soon as their eyes were open, they were ready for an adventure.

However, first things breakfast

Yogi Bear 2010 017

was served.  Today's menu was homemade blueberry waffles and bananas, with a little milk to wash it all down.

Now, dressed, teeth brushed, and hair combed, we were all out the door for a

Yogi Bear 2010 029

little morning hike.  Of, course, our souvenir Yogi's had to come along.

We hiked through the RV Park to the back of the park where they have this

Yogi Bear 2010 031

great section of air conditioned, fully furnished cabins.

As we made our way back to the front of the park, Caden

Yogi Bear 2010 018

felt the need to try to catch this little squirrel.  LOL...the squirrel couldn't get up the tree fast enough!

On to The Ranger Station for morning call and the arrival of

Yogi Bear 2010 043

Yogi.  Again, Caden and Kourtney needed to greet him from afar.  However, they love

Yogi Bear 2010 035

this Yogi and

Yogi Bear 2010 048

this Yogi.

Next, they wanted to make a stop at the Comfy Station

Yogi Bear 2010 054

for a little playtime.  While Caden worked the computer, Kourtney decided she

Yogi Bear 2010 052

her hand at the matching game.

We finished up our

Yogi Bear 2010 061

walk...stopping back at the motor home for a snack, while waiting for the

Yogi Bear 2010 062

craft center to open.

Our next adventure for the day was

Yogi Bear 2010 065

painting your own shirt.  They had lots of fun, each being

Yogi Bear 2010 066


Yogi Bear 2010 070

in their own way, while watching

Yogi Bear 2010 072

what else, but Yogi Bear cartoons.

It didn't take Caden long to finish his shirt and he was urging

Yogi Bear 2010 073

Koutney to be finished with hers.

Soon, they were both finished and ready to

Yogi Bear 2010 079

show off their great talent!

Now, all that coloring worked up a real appetite.  So, we stopped by the motor home, picked up Poppa, and headed to where else, but the

Yogi Bear 2010 091

Picnic Basket Cafe.  They ordered our lunch of chicken tenders and fries which we enjoyed it

Yogi Bear 2010 081

out by the pool.

Lunch brings us to naptime with a promise of an afternoon trip to the water park.  Kourtney is a typical girl, and wearing yet another

Yogi Bear 2010 113

new swim suit.  One of five she brought for a 3 day trip.  Can't wait until she is 16. LOL

Caden just wanted his water gun filled up!

Then it was time to get down to business...the slides!

And, surprisingly after a couple of trips

Yogi Bear 2010 123


Yogi Bear 2010 121

with Poppa, they decided they could do it by themselves.

So, off they went

Yogi Bear 2010 174

up the steps...and time after time

Yogi Bear 2010 149

down they came...first Caden

Yogi Bear 2010 161

then Kourtney.

Sometimes they came

Yogi Bear 2010 167

really fast.  And sometimes they came

Yogi Bear 2010 156

head first.  But, nothing stopped them.  Oh, so much fun.  Then Caden wanted to expand his adventure and he and Poppa climbed

Yogi Bear 2010 136

to the top of the

Yogi Bear 2010 137

tube slide and down they came and

Yogi Bear 2010 138

out they came.

Then it was one last time on the big green slide with the knowledge that they had both

Yogi Bear 2010 172 


Yogi Bear 2010 170

something new.

It was time to call it a day.

Now, back at the motor home we got baths and jumped into our PJ's while Poppa grilled hamburgers.

And, now, all is quite and we are anxiously awaiting to see what adventure our last day with Yogi will bring...


  1. Wow, another fun filled day!! You and Mark will need to sleep for a week when this is over...

    Debbie & Rod

  2. Awesome post, Dortha. Your grandkids are beautiful and they sure had a great time at the Yogi Bear park. Thanks for sharing the adventure with us.

  3. Looks like everyone had a great time, and you have created more lasting memories for all. Your grandchildren are so blessed that you are doing this with them.

  4. I'll bet they were asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow, That's how our Grandson Adam is after a hard day of camping, and Grandpa is right behind him. Those are the memories of a lifetime for all of you but the kids will always remember campnig with Grandpa & Grandma. Have fun and be safe out there. Sam & Donna.

  5. Caden and Kourtney are just adorable and what wonderful pictures you took to capture the moments of this terrific trip. This is a trip they will remember forever!
    What a wonderful campground for children!!
    I bet you guys are exhausted but a good exhausted. :)

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

  6. Yep some very wonderful memories being made there Dortha. I wish we were there to share in them it looks like so much fun and they are at such a cute age right now.

    looking forward to day three

  7. Fun....Looks like you have the park to!
    Our grandkids are coming this w/e.

  8. Oh, that brings back fun memories of the water slide with our kids, years ago!!! What fun!!! Wish we were there too!!! Have lots of fun!!! HUGS!