Monday, June 28, 2010

Take Me Out To The Ball Game!

This morning's adventure took us to Cooperstown, home of the

New York Trip 2010 102

Baseball Hall of Fame.

We were directed first to a

New York Trip 2010 012

short movie about the history of baseball and what it takes to make it to the hall of fame.

Afterwards, we started our self-guided tour.  We saw

New York Trip 2010 020

old gloves,

New York Trip 2010 021

famous signatures that went with

New York Trip 2010 019

famous jersey's.

We found one of our favorite hall of famer's

New York Trip 2010 051

from our home state...that would be Nolan Ryan, pitcher for the Texas Rangers.

We saw lots of

New York Trip 2010 058

championship rings and

New York Trip 2010 052

a wall full of signed baseballs representing perfect pitched games.

Then there was this

New York Trip 2010 038

guy...wonder what position he plays?  And, then...

New York Trip 2010 064

Andrew and Lauren watched the famous

New York Trip 2010 063

Abbott and Costello in "Who's On First?"

Gosh, we even watched as though we had never seen it.

Next stop on the tour...

New York Trip 2010 072

the Hall of Fame...where we saw

New York Trip 2010 073

wall after

New York Trip 2010 077

wall of players who over the years since 1936 have earned the honor to be a part of baseball history.

We even saw the

New York Trip 2010 091

blank wall were on July 25, 2010,

New York Trip 2010 009

these three men will be added to the already long list of great baseball players.

Congratulations to all of them!

After our tour, we stopped at

New York Trip 2010 119

All American Sidewalk Cafe for lunch before we

New York Trip 2010 113

walked the streets of Cooperstown shopping in all the stores.   And, for some reason all

New York Trip 2010 108

the shops and

New York Trip 2010 144

restaurants have a baseball theme.  I can't imagine why.

What a great time in Cooperstown...certainly there was enough

New York Trip 2010 086

baseball and

New York Trip 2010 127

apple pie to make it a real

New York Trip 2010 135

All American Day!


  1. That's definitely on my list of places I want to visit!! Glad you're having so much fun with the grandkids!!

    Deb & Rod

  2. A great day with the grandkids. Hope to see y'all down the road.

    Stay Safe

  3. What a great day, I'll bet the kid's loved it and Mark too.Be safe oput there. Sam & Donna

  4. Wow I bet that was a really interesting place for the kids. I am not much of a baseball fan myself, but the whole place sure looks like a wonderful tourist stop for everyone!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

  5. Looks like a neat place to go . I didn't even know about this place so it will be another to add to our list. Thanks for the preview and the kids look like they are still having a great time.


  6. Can't believe after spending 50 years of our life in New England that we never did make it to Cooperstown. We do hope to make it someday.. Thanks for the tour.

  7. That is definitely on our "to see" list. My sweet Dad always wanted to go there but never made it...we will. We are huge baseball fans!!
    What fun you all are having!!

    Mike & Gerri (happytrails)