Friday, January 16, 2009

A Busy Friday

Wow, we started this day really early. When we woke it was 23 degrees and really cold, but not as cold as some of you I am sure.

Mark dropped me off at my weekly weight watchers meeting. I had a good stable week and I was pleased to know that after my busy week and some not so good choices, I had maintained. However, I still weighed in at 5lbs under my goal. While I was at my meeting, he went to one of the sub-court houses to pay our house taxes. Well, there went a few dollars. With that chore over with, he was back to pick me up.

Karen had called by this time to report that she had left Kourtney at the babysitters not feeling so good, and could I be on call if she needed to be picked up or go to the doctor. Sure no problem!

Guess we had better get on with our errands. We were off to Camping World to pick up a few things. LOL, they had nothing Mark and I went after and all we left the store with was a stool for Koutney and a toy motor home for Caden. Well, that was a 40 mile round trip.

Next, we stopped at the Container Store to return a couple of items that I had purchased that didn't work just the way I wanted them too. Then we were off to Ulta so I could restock the make up drawer. That was a pricey stop, but all in the name of beauty!

We decided that we would stop for lunch. It was cold and we are leaving town, so the only choice was my favorite Mexican Food stop, Mexican Inn. I had the lunch fajitas and Mark had nachos.

After a yummy lunch, we headed home where Mark was to meet up with Scott. They were going over to the other side of town to pick up Andrew's Kubota where he was having a speedometer installed on it. One of Andrew's Christmas presents. Also, by this time Karen and Kenneth were both home and preparing to leave for a weekend trip to Houston. This is their annual trip to catch up with a few of their A&M roommates.

With all quite, I decided I had time to run one more errand before picking up Kourtney from the sitters. She is spending the weekend with us. Well, that is until Sunday when "Aunt Ashley" will take over for us to leave.

It is now about 8:00 and almost Kourtney's bedtime. She and Poppa are reading books and I have the last of my laundry going. I will do my ironing after she goes to bed. Tomorrow, we will just do last minute pre-trip items.

Oh, by the way I promised a few in chat last night that I would post pictures of our barn house, but I didn't take any pictures today. I will do that tomorrow. See you all then and stay warm if you are in the cold and enjoy the warmth if there is any to be found.

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