Saturday, January 31, 2009

Lazy Saturday

I started out today being kind of lazy. Mark and Jim were off and about to Walmart, Lowes, HEB, and picture taking, so I decided to do a blog make over. Well....
I started working on the make over and it took on several new looks before I finished. I had so much fun, it might have a weekly change. You will have to stay tuned for that decision. Then...

I looked around on Facebook. I am still really new to that site and am just working my way through there. I am thinking that will take me a little time. I learn something new every time I open it. Well after that adventure...

I was off to log in my geocaches from yesterday. I also found that I had 2 people that wanted to be my friend and I needed to update my profile so I could accept friends. Oh my, oh my, all this computer stuff could really be more than one could handle!

By this time, I am thinking I should get out and take my walk. Since I haven't posted to many pictures from the RV park, I took my camera on my walk. So here are a few sights from around The Last Resort.
This is the entrance to the park
The first thing you pass is the motel

and then there are these to little cabins across the street from the motel

then it is on down the road to the office and right next door is the laundry room and bath/shower rooms.

Right across from the office is the rec room

There are eight of these little cottages in the park
This is one on the vacant RV sites

This is the newest loop in the park and where we are parked

And here we are and Ellie and Jim are parked right next to us.

I think this is a really neat little campground. Everyone is really nice. It is quite and peaceful here. It is a half mile walk around the park, so if you make it around 4 times you have had yourself a pretty good walk.

It is only a few miles either direction to a Walmart, HEB, etc. and it is only around the corner from the Big Fisherman!

We have had a great lazy Saturday and are looking forward to Deb, Rod, Sandra, and Gordon all coming over tomorrow for a shrimp boil and the super bowl.


  1. Thanks for the pictures! It gives all us gonnabes/wannabes an idea what's around. I have it on the camping list.

  2. Great job on the blog's new look! And I'm glad to be your friend on Facebook! :)