Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Cold Weekend

We woke up today to temps in the low 30's, which was quite a change from the 80 degrees we had yesterday. As I have said before, that is Texas weather for you. We don't have much of a promise for warmer weather this week, so I am now counting the days until we head south.

All in all, things have been pretty slow around here. We have been helping out with grand kids for the last several days. Kourtney stayed with us on Thursday, and I picked up Karen after school and we took Kourtney for her 18 month check up. Then, later that evening, Jennifer called and said Caden, the 19 month old, had hurt his foot or leg. Scott was out of town, so Mark went to check on him. It wasn't long until they were back down here and it was decided that we would take him to the emergency room at the children's hospital. They did x-rays, etc, but came up with no real answer. He is still walking a little stiff legged. I think we will follow up with his doctor on Monday.

Then on Friday, Andrew and Lauren came and stayed with us, as they were both not feeling well. Andrew had been to the doctor on Thursday after school and found out he had strep. Lauren's throat culture didn't come back until late in the day yesterday, so she had to stay home just in case. Thankfully hers was negative. So we spent yesterday just hanging out and playing wii sports. I was getting pretty good in bowling. I might just have to buy myself a Wii.

Did I say things were slow? Crazy me!

Today, the girls and I went for pedicures and enjoyed the afternoon. Tonight we all went for Mexican food. It was yummy on this cold night!

Mark finished up his "dad" projects today and will now start working on his own list of things to make ready for travel. Even though it is a another week before we leave, it will take him doing things each day to be ready.

Then there is my list. I have most of my "have to's" done, and still have a few "want to's" to do. However, if I don't accomplish all of that list, I can continue it once we get to Rockport. I use to stress, thinking I needed to have all the groceries on board, all the washing done, etc. But, now, I just wait until we get to the campground and then stock up on supplies and do whatever else I didn't accomplish.

Well, all is quite, for the night. Mark is watching TV, so I think I will see what is happening in the RV-Dreams chat room and catch up there.

Hope you are all having a great weekend. See you soon.


  1. I have been having troubles in the chat room. I think that my computer is overloaded with the large amount of transmissions that are on chat?? I went to the training room and Dee and JJ went too. We all chatted with no problem?? Anyway I will try again tonight. Sherri leaves tonight to go to Chico and I am on my own again. Sorry to hear about all the kids hurt and sick! What is the deal...are they wanting you to stay? Have a good trip if I don't talk to you before you leave.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Mark and Dortha,
    Good link on the Bible reading program. I am in!
    I have family in Ft Worth so we will have to look you up next time we are in the neighborhood.

    Randy and Pam