Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm Hooked

When we attended the RV-Dreams Rally this past June I was introduced to geocaching. I had absolutely no idea what geocaching was. Over the next several months I still continued to hear several of the dreamers talk about going geocaching. In fact, Ellie and I have discussed it on several occassions, but never got around to actually doing any geocaching.

So, yesterday, Ellie showed me how to set up an account, download to the GPS, etc. Then, this morning I ask if we could go look for a few caches. Oh, I hope I am using all the right terms! LOL There are so many to learn.

We were off to find geocach, GC11N45. Flo indicated that it was about 10 miles away in Ingleside
On the way to Ingleside, we saw this fire. It started out in a mobile home and then spread to a brush fire. It is very dry around here. In fact, the fire danger is at a high level almost every day.

On to find the geocach...

This is where "Flo" (our Garmin) for those of you who haven't met Flo led us to

Found it! My first geocach. There were severl little trinkets. Take one leave one, and sign the log. Then, we were off to find number 2. According to Flo, it should be just down the road.

Sure enough, Flo took us right down the road to our next find. It was a little more tricky, but we found it. It was a tiny one with only a log to sign. So, we signed the little paper, put it back in it's little container, and put the cach securely back in it's little hiding place to stay safe for the next person to locate. Wow, this is fun. I can hardly wait to find some more. This could be habit forming!

The guys are now ready for lunch, so we were off to find Subway. After lunch, we needed to make a stop at Walmart and then it was back for a nice afternoon at the RV park. Dinner is at Jim and Ellies tonight. Ellie is making a meat loaf, salad, and collard greens. I am making rutabagas, and banana pudding. It was all so good. After dinner, we played wii bowling. Ellie was the champion.

What a fun day!


  1. I'm so glad you "discovered" geocaching and found 2 for 2 on your first venture out with Ellie. DH and I have been geocaching for a couple years - he, more than I, as he even goes out on his lunch break at work!! He has over 550 finds (some are ones I've found but we just use his name). If you ever want to see what we've done, his name is Smedley36. Have fun!!

  2. Welcome to the world of Geocaching. Wife and I got hooked recently too. My "handle" is repsman42. Got started while visiting one daughter in Salt lake city. We have a journal also at:

  3. Dortha...Add me to your Geocaching friends... TXKinders

    There are some great ones right around your hometown!