Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Cloudy Cool Saturday

Wouldn't you just know it. Saturday arrived and so did the cold front. We woke up this morning to a cloudy and cool morning. It seemed to go downhill from there, with a definite chill in the air. Mark wasn't feeling on top of the world today. I am not sure if is trying to take a cold or if it is just allergy related. So, we made a trip to Walgreen's to get him some medicine and then he decided he would feel better if we took a ride into Corpus Christi.

Come on Jim and Ellie, let's go!
So we were off for the afternoon!

First, we had to cross the big bridge and then we were off to shop

Our first they have a lot of great gadgets in this store!

Next stop...Ellie and I thought we might find some new clothes, but no luck, so let's move on

to see what Best Buy might have to offer. Actually, I was looking for a camera lens cover that connects to the camera so I won't loose it. Ellie was checking out the the Wii games. No luck here, by now

I am sure you all can guess what Mark and Jim are thinking....

You guessed it...lunch and nothing stops these two. LOL, we already knew we were coming here at Leann's suggestion. Thanks, Leann, it was great.

After a nice lunch and a good visit, we decided to find Sam's Club, but Flo was confused and couldn't locate it for us. Later, we found out that it was north, not south. That's okay, because now we have reason to take another day trip on another day.

Since we couldn't find Sam's and we were already heading south, we decided to take the long way back to Rockport through Port A. On our way to Mustang Island,

we could see this grass fire. But it wasn't until we were a little closer, that we realized that it was a pretty big fire...

A closer look...

This officer is blocking the other end of the fire.

Once we passed the fire, it was on to Port A. We took a quick drive through Pioneer RV Park. We wanted to show it to Jim and Ellie. It is a great park, however, not Mark's favorite. He says there is too much salt in the air for the motor home. We stayed there last year for a week when we went to the Sandfest, and he cleaned forever trying to wash away all the salt and sand.

Then we took a short drive down the beach, however, today was not a good beach day. So, I guess that means another day trip when the weather warms up. Now, after a great afternoon, it was time to head home.

by way of the ferry boat back to the mainland.

This guy was just hanging out by the dock. He doesn't seem to be affected by the cloudy, cool Saturday.
I hope you all are having a great weekend. See you soon.


  1. Love your blog. I have fiddled with the playlist on mine--I like your selection.
    Interesting point on the salt and sand affecting the coach. I had not thought of that and we are thinking we'd like to be campground hosts near the beach one day, Lord willing.
    (Currently that day is at least six months out...)
    My brother and wives celebrated our 50th b/d in Corpus Christi six years ago so we were in around some of the same things you picture here. At the time, though we had no idea we'd be pursuing the RV lifestyle.
    Hope to meet you all down the road some day.
    Randy and Pam

  2. I see the boat with William G. Burnett on the side. I went to grade school at David G. Burnett. Wonder if they are kin?