Monday, January 26, 2009

Shopped Till We Dropped

Yes, after two days of cloudy cool weather, we finally woke up to the makings of a great day. The sun was up and temperature was up and all was good. Jim came over early and wanted to know if we wanted to go in to Corpus as Ellie wanted to go to Target. Sure.... I needed to deliver a scrapbook that I had painted for one of my longtime customers that lives over that direction. I called her to make sure she was going to be home and with that plan in place, we were off.

We decided that it would be closer to go across by ferry and into Corpus from the south. Once I got the book delivered, we were off to find some good shopping. However, we decided we had better stop at Wendy's and discuss the plan over lunch. Okay, that behind us, we were in search of Target where we picked up a few items. Next stop was the mall. We shopped in Dillards and Macy's for the rest of the afternoon. Ellie and I both found several things we couldn't live without. LOL Our last stop was Sam's and then it was back to the RV park.

This morning Jim had put a port tenderloin in the slow cooker, so, with little other prep, dinner was served!

We are hoping for another nice day tomorrow so we can do a little bird watching, geocaching, and picture taking. See you then.


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  2. Hey I want to eat too...wish I could. I made chili last night and believe it or not it came out good.