Thursday, January 22, 2009

Just Visiting The Day Away

After a slow start to the morning, I finally needed to pick up the pace a little. So I cleaned around the motor home a little and it was time for me to get ready to meet Ellie. We were going to our weekly Weight Watchers meeting. Yeah, we both posted a loss! Wow, am I glad because...

With that behind us, we headed back to the RV Park to pick up Mark and Jim and were off to meet Deb and Rod at The Big Fisherman for their Thursday lunch special which is only $2.25 for a fish or chicken fried steak lunch. Ellie was a little more disciplined than I was. She had a grilled seafood platter, but I couldn't resist the chicken livers. But, that was my only meal for the day except for a small bowl of cereal this evening.

The guys are wanting to go back on Tuesday because on that day their lunch special is "all you can eat" for $2.25. That one might still be out for a vote. And if that wasn't enough they wanted to go to the Dairy Queen for a blizzard! Ellie and I chose a small ice cream cone. Wow, did I say thank goodness Ellie and I weighed in before lunch. LOL

After the trip to the Dairy Queen, we went down the road to the open air market. We got some grapefruit and oranges and a few veggies. We then headed back to the RV Park while Deb and Rod ran a couple of errands and then they came over to our park so we could continue our visit.

This had been a pretty slow paced day, and how nice it was. See you tomorrow for a new adventure and maybe a few pictures.


  1. I'm so PROUD of you and Ellie!! WTG on good weigh-ins and then careful eating afterwards. (I love chicken livers. I'd have eaten them also!! LOL)

  2. Such a neat time you are having with friends.. You are very lucky.
    You go girl with that weight watchers thing..Hope some of it will rub off on me....