Sunday, January 18, 2009

On Our Way

Since I last posted, the weekend has been very busy. I finished all the errands on Friday and was prepared for my weekend with Kourtney. However, our really fun weekend didn't turn out just the way we planned. Kourtney has been sick since Friday with a cold and cough. I think it is more allergy than anything, but still she hasn't felt well. We also had plans to keep Caden while Scott and Jennifer attended a wedding, but I wasn't sure since Kourtney wasn't feeling well.

Caden did come for the afternoon and actually at my invitation ended up having a sleepover with us and Kourtney. So, it is Moppa, Poppa, and two 18 month olds. We had a great time. I would have posted some pictures of our evening, but who had time to get the camera. LOL

Today started out early and with a few last minute things to put away in the motor home for travel. Mark and I took turns in and out and between the house and the motor home. Then Ashley came over to help me get the music from our i-pods back to our computers. This was something I hadn't done since we both got new computers. It was very easy to do. I am so glad my i-tunes and i-pod are now both in sync!

While Ashley and I were working on the computers, Jennifer came to get Caden and stayed a visited for a little while and helped with lunch for Kourtney and Caden. She and Caden then left for home and Ashley left to go and run a couple of errands. She had then offered to come back and stay with Kourtney until Karen and Kenneth got home from their trip to Houston. However, by the time Mark got the motor home out and the jeep hooked up, they weren't far from Fort Worth so we just stayed to see them for a minute before leaving.

With all of that said, it was about 3:15 before we actually left Fort Worth. Not a problem. We are going to stop at the outlet mall in Hillsboro and then drive on for a while. Originally, we planned to get to Victoria today, but now we will just see what the rest of the day brings. Tomorrow we will go on into Rockport and be there until March 1. We are looking forward to some fun filled, but relaxing days. So stayed tuned to rving with Poppa in Rockport.

Also, I am glad to report that this is the first trip out with our Verizon air card and cradlepoint. I am working on the computer from the front chair and the air card is plugged into the cradlepoint on the kitchen counter. I love it!


  1. I have been enjoying your updates. I have a brother in Fort Worth and our daughter went to Baylor, so some of the places you mention we recognize, e.g. Hillsboro Outlet stores..
    I will be getting my Verizon air card capability turned on in my Dell once we get underway but am not familiar with the cradlepoint?
    What is that used for?

    Randy and Pam

  2. Isn't it great to have the internet at your fingertips while driving down the road?? I love it!