Thursday, March 12, 2009

Another Great Day with Friends

Today was cold, but there were some faithful walkers out early. Me, however, I did not walk today as all of my Eskimo clothes were packed away for the season. Therefore, I chose to have a lazy morning, colored my hair and then went to the local Weight Watchers meeting and then to do the laundry.

When we returned to the RV park, I found that UPS had delivered my shoes that I have been waiting on all week.

Mark was impressed that they came with feet

For the rest of the afternoon, we chose to hang out here at the motor home. Joe and Sherri came to visit for a little while. The four of us went to meet Margo, Rod and Loyce, our newest dreamers to arrive here at the park. Welcome everyone. I am sorry you arrived to such great weather. We do look forward to getting to visit with you all.

It was then time to head out and meet the rest of the gang for our favorite activity....eating!

This was the choice for tonight

This is what was the menu

This is what Deb chose to eat

This is the fork Sherri chose to eat with!

Of course we always have to have some to celebrate

Happy 27th Anniversary, Gina and Rollie....we are delighted you chose to turn down steaks to have pizza with us!

We were also glad that

Rod and Loyce joined in on the fun this evening.

And then, as always, before one meal is over...

Arlene is going around with her list planning the next meal. So Ginger, what is it you said you would bring?

With those plans behind us, we all headed back to the park's social room. Some decided to play a game called "Apples to Apples", others just sat and talked, while others of us

had computers up and logged into facebook for a little tutorial, and then ended up chatting with our RV Dreamer friends across the country! Wish all of you were here with us!

And this concludes another great day with friends.

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  1. We enjoyed the day and the party. Gosh I hate that this all has to come to an end. I guess we need to start planning the next one?

    Joe and Sherri