Friday, March 6, 2009

More Friends and Fun

I can't believe that we have been here almost a week. What a great time we are having.

Friday was the day we planned breakfast and the menu was "eggs in a bag". I have to say I have never cooked my eggs in a bag. This was a new experience for me.
This is how it is done...

First, you have to decide on the location of breakfast, then

you have to set up the kitchen. Next,

as Rod is demonstrating, you take a ziplock freezer bag, fill it with 1 or 2 eggs. Then, you add the ingredients of choice to your bag. We chose from peppers, onions, mushrooms, ham, bacon, cheese, etc. Once you have your bag filled, you squish it all together and

you take it to the cook, who puts it in a big pot of boiling water and in about 12-15 minutes

he will return it to you and you open the bag and you have an omelet! What a yummy breakfast.

After breakfast, Ellie, Karen, and I decided to head in to town and find a nail salon to get manicures

and pedicures...result...pretty toes.

Upon returning to the RV park, Ellie headed for the swimming pool and hot tub. Karen went to make a cake for dinner, and I decided to get the laundry done. Before I know it, I realized that was about time for Joe and Sherri to be arriving. So several of us decided to hang out,

hiding behind the fence to

surprise them when they came around the corner. Welcome Joe and Sherri, what took you so long to get here?

Later in the evening we gathered at Kevin and Donna's for baked potatoes and all the fixins. Then we settled in to an evening of visiting with lots of laughs.

Despite the cloudy windy weather this morning, we were all out for our morning walk. Then it was time for breakfast, showers, and getting ready for the day. Ellie, Sherri, Becky, and I made a trip into Walmart. Then this afternoon was spend hanging out waiting for others to arrive...finally

Rollie and Gina arrived. This is their new home. Wow, what a truck!

It was then time to get ready for our pot luck dinner. Gina, Molly, and I went to set up the tables and quickly realized we needed more help and recruited some of the guys to help. It wasn't long until it was time for everyone to show up...our group has grown to 36 of us.

Molly and Sherri organizing the food table

This is Mark's sample desert plate...he said he had to try it all so he wouldn't hurt any one's feelings. And, he said it was all good, however, tomorrow he will have to walk an extra mile for eating all of that.

Rollie and Gina and

John and Brenda are the new arrivals for the day.

And the sun sets on another great day with great friends. We are sad however, that some already have to leave us. Safe travels to Keith and Donna as they head for home tomorrow and Jim and Ellie will be preparing to leave on Monday

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