Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Bye February...Hello March

Well, as we said good bye to February, we also said good bye to The Last Resort, Rockport, Corpus Christi, and the beach. One of the great opportunities as RV'ers and staying in one place for an extended time is meeting and making new friends. And, we certainly have done that during this time. Also, as RV'ers, we also try to never say good-bye to friends, but rather, see you later. We also had such a good time during our stay, that we decided to make a jello plan for next year. So, we paid a minimal deposit to hold our space, and plan to come back for January - March of next year. And, also, thanks Troy and gang for making "The Last Resort" a great RV park...keep up the good work!

Getting ready to travel

An early morning view of the Corpus Skyline and

Oh, No, the bridge again? Come on Jim, you can do it!

One last look, until next time

Now, this morning, as we said hello to March, we also said hello to the wind. I don't know about where you are, but here in south Texas, the March wind certainly did roar in like a lion! Saying hello to March also means saying hello to a new adventure. And, as I post this journal, we are heading north on 37 towards Kerrville and our next destination, Buckhorn RV Resort. We will be there for two weeks and during that time there will be about 20 other rigs coming in. It will be great to get to reunite with friends we haven't seen in awhile, and exciting to finally get to officially meet several that we feel like we already know. Almost, everyone here is from our RV-Dreams chat room, while others are friends that different ones have invited to join us for this "gathering". What a great time we all are going to have. So, you will have to stay posted as the plans and adventures unfold over the next couple of weeks.

I will try to post more this evening after our arrival at the park.

But before I leave for now, I want to take the opportunity to be a proud "Moppa". Yesterday, I received an email from our 3rd grandchild, Zachary, who is in the second grade. He is on the school chess team and played in a district wide chess tournament yesterday. At the end of regulation play he was 5-0 and tied for first place. He got beat on points in that round, but took 2nd place in the district for his age group!

And, in my book, that is a real winner! Way to go Zachary.


The rest of the trip was uneventful...

We made our way through San Antonio just like we knew what we we doing. And found our way out I-10 West....

Welcome to the Texas Hill Country. We did stop at exit 543 on I-10 West and fill up with diesel at $1.95/gal. Yea...the first time we have paid under $2.00 in a long time

We are almost there.
Arriving at the RV Park

All settled in to our site

The first group gathered in between Donna and Keith's and Kathy and Chuck's. Looks like a big pow-wow to me...

Then there is this group, Molly, Deb, Lynette, Arlene, and Kathy...I wonder what they are cooking up?

After a great visit, several decided to go out for dinner. We had been out to lunch, so Ellie, Karen, and I stayed at the park and got our 2 miles in for the day. We then sat around for a little more visiting until there was a chill in the air. By this time...

it was time to call it the evening of the first day!


  1. Oh great! You have arrived at Kerrville, now the fun begins, all over again!
    It will be great to meet folks that you have "known" for a long time, but haven't met until now.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. Glad to hear you guys made it to Kerrville. Question for you guys about routers and Verizon aircards. Can you e-mail us at Have a great day and Dortha, I loved the devotional you did on Sunday.

  3. Yeah...and it wont be long I will be down there to keep an eye on everyone. Save some food for me!!!

    Joe and Sherri

  4. Congrats to Zachary!! What an accomplishment.

    Have fun with everyone at the gathering.