Saturday, March 14, 2009

Winding Down

Yesterday was another cold and rainy day. Several of the girls headed in to a shopping area just west of San Antonio. From what I saw when they returned, it was a good thing they had Joe's big truck, because the packages had to be unloaded before they could get out. LOL

Others went out for drives around the area and still others shopped locally in Kerrville. Mark and I stayed in for a real do nothing sort of day. I got in some computer time and a short afternoon nap.

Before I knew it, it was time to get things started for our last official eating frenzy! The menu was Breakfast for Supper...

Bob wasn't here to be our cook this time, but he said be sure to get the water boiling ahead of time. Mark and I gathered all the big pots we could find and follow as instructed? How is this Bob?

With the water heating, the others started gathering bringing with them all the ingredients needed for making eggs in a bag...

Who, would have guessed that Brenda would bring the Canadian Bacon! And she says they don't even have Canadian Bacon in Canada?

Deb and Brenda getting the things organized...

Don and Cheryl getting started with their eggs

Joe wants to know if there is a limit to how much can go in one's bag?

Into the boiling water....I hope everyone remembered to write their name on the bag.

Mark oversees the cooking

Gina's contribution to dinner was homemade pecan waffles...

and wow, look at the choice of toppings!

You better hurry if you want one of Lynnette's homemade biscuits.

Now if you have been keeping up with this adventure, you know that we have to end every meal with dessert.

So Brenda made this wonderful frozen peanut butter wait,

She brought three pies!

Donnie, Karen, Donna, and Nolan, oh my, is that Mark in the kitchen doing the dishes?

Rod, Don, Cheryl, Kevin, Arlene, Lynnette, and Mac

Deb, Rod, Becky, Rodney, Jesse, and Ginger

Rollie, Gina, Brenda, John, Joe, and Sherri

Again, what a great evening with great friends...however, as this party ended several of us picked up and took the party to John and Brenda's motor home. We visited, talked, and laughed until way after quite time! Then we all said our good nights and headed to our own homes.

This morning when we woke, it was time to say our good-byes and see you laters to Rodney and Becky, Don and Cheryl, Mac and Nette, and Joe and Sherri.

What a great two weeks this has been. I am sorry it has been so cold and rainy these last several days, but today, as Mark and I made one last trip into Fredericksburg, I was encouraged as I saw

the first signs of a Texas spring!


  1. We have enjoyed our time with you soooo much. Can't wait for next time. Take good Care Brenda

  2. oh my you should have had John photo shop my double chin out of that picture. lol Brenda