Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Days At Buckhorn

Wow, what a great time we are having here. As of today there are ten rigs here and lots going on. After every one's arrival on Sunday and lots of hugs and hellos, we settled in. Monday morning took everyone in a different direction. Some needed to buy out Walmart, while others were just hanging out, and yet others like Nonna spent the day cooking. Last night we gathered in the community room for a small pot luck of beans, rice, cornbread, taco salad, roasted peppers, cake, banana pudding, and watermelon. We then settled in to visiting and planning the next few days.

Mark and Chuck solving the world's problems

Bob, Donna, and Keith

Molly and Arlene working on the calendar of events for the week

This morning several of us headed out for the Enchanted Rock State Park to climb the rock. Others were off to play golf, some shopped and others just stayed around the park.
Here is the way the day unfolded at Enchanted Rock State Park...

The map of the rock

The posted warning

Mark, how many water bottles will fit in that back pack?

Donna and Nolan leading the way

Rod and Deb at the top

Mark and I at the top

Mark and Donnie heading into the cave

Donna, Ellie, and Karen delighted to be at the top

Watch out, Ellie is heading down!

What a fun day with friends
Once we were all back down off the rock, it was time to find lunch. We drove back into Fredericksburg and had lunch at Subway before heading back to Kerrville. Once we were back at the park, Jim, Ellie, Mark, and I grabbed our swim suits and headed to the hot tub. Just what we needed after our rock climbing adventure. Too soon it was time to get back to the motor homes to get ready for dinner.
Tonight we all had dinner at the Big Red Barn where the park served pork tenderloin, garlic mashed potatoes, carrots, salad, and chocolate cake. The entertainment for the evening was provided by Sarah Getto. Sarah sang and played the piano. She is a very talented young lady who was born blind and taught herself how to play the piano. Thank you Sarah for sharing your talent with us this evening. You can view her schedule and see a list of her tapes at http://www.sarahgetto.com/
Tomorrow there is shopping in Fredericksburg, lunch at the German restaurant, and who knows what else. Also, Glenn and Sylvia will be arriving to join the group. Safe travels to you guys.

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  1. Ok got on the wrong comment page? Hey looks like fun!! Sherri and I could have used that hot tub the other day after laying floor. Gee I was hurting all over. Hope we have time for a soak when we get there..

    Joe and Sherri