Thursday, March 5, 2009

More Arrivals, and The Party Goes On

Today, Jim wanted to make a trial run to San Antonio to locate the Cummins dealership where he has to go on Monday morning. He and Ellie invited us to go along for the ride. It took us a little longer to get there than we thought as we slowed down by construction on I-10. However, with a little patience, we made it, located Cummins, and then headed out for a little shopping. Ellie and I made a stop at Ulta and the guys checked out Best Buy. Afterwards we wanted to go to the Bass Pro Shop. I was looking for some walking sandals, but had no luck, but did find a new hand held Garmin for geocaching. I can hardly wait to try it out.
By the time we finished our shopping trip, it was time to get back to Buckhorn and get ready for dinner. When we returned to the park, we found that

Jesse and Ginger had safely arrived. Welcome to the party

Dinner tonight was at Nonna and Kpoppa's home...and we all took

snack foods

I wonder what Lynnette has on her tray?

This was my favorite!

I think Mark and Gordon are just waiting for someone to tell them it is time to eat.

We did finally eat all that good food and then just sat around, visited, and made plans for the next meal or two. What another great day.

Tomorrow we will anxiously await yet more arrivals.

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  1. Missed you on chat tonight. Good to see that Ginger and Jesse made it OK. I have about 30 minutes more here at work and then I am on my way...

    Joe and Sherri