Monday, March 23, 2009

A Busy Monday

Wow, I thought today was going to be back to normal since spring break was officially over and everyone was back to school and work. However, today was busier than ever. We got an early start heading out to take our morning walk. When we are here in Fort Worth, we have to go somewhere else to do our walking as we live off of a very busy farm road that is not safe to walk on. So, we went to our son's house about 2 miles up the road and walked in his neighborhood. We got in almost 3 miles and then headed back to the house to tackle the rest of the day.
I cooked most of the day. I put a pork tenderloin in the crockpot and then made a pineapple angel food cake. Then I made a batch of cottage cheese fluff. With that behind me, I headed out to the paint room to start on a book order I received while we were in Rockport. I got most of that done before it was time to pick up grandchildren from school.
Mark's main objective was to get a flat tire fixed on the Kubota before Andrew arrived this afternoon after school. It has been a week since he has been here and the Kubota will be the first thing he will head for. You know most kids have bicycles, our grandson however would rather have his Kubota. LOL And, this afternoon, he and Poppa had a plan to put the Kubota to good use.

Andrew and Poppa working on getting this stump removed

Guess that does it!

Lauren and Poppa catching up on all the know he hasn't had any hugs from this girl since January and then

I couldn't believe how much Andrew has grown since I last saw him. He thinks it is really funny that at 11 years old he is this much taller than I am! I don't know what we will do with him when he grows up!
Lauren busy with her homework
and I am off to finish dinner as the rest of the gang will be here shortly.


  1. I know you and Mark are having a wonderful time with family close by. We just had a wonderful weekend with ours. You all take care.

    Rollie & Gina

  2. Lauran has grown up too Dortha!! My gosh has it been that long??? Andrew on the other hand will be tall no doubt...When do they stop growing???

    Joe and Sherri