Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Picking Up The Pace...

It has been busy since I last posted. On Friday, we tried to catch our breath after the closing on the house, but that didn't last long as Karen and Kenneth were all excited and ready to get started on their new house. So, let's go! Paint samples are first on the list.

Well, as you can see that is easier said than done. One is too pink, one is too grey, one is too yellow, and oh, this one might be just right, but, in the mean time, we have almost repainted the wall with samples. LOL

So, okay, so much for the hallway....

let's see what it looks like on the den wall. I will be glad when they get the panelling off, so we can be sure about our choice. Now, that the paint samples are done...

let's get this place cleaned out...The entry is ready and

the den is down to these 3 pieces of furniture. I guess we should wait to move those so

Andrew can help get that heavy stuff moved!

So, while the guys are moving the last of the big stuff

Kourtney helped me clean the floor in the motor home. What a big helper she is!
Now, is it time for that deep breath...not yet...
With everything now ready for the contractors to come, you would think things might slow down. No, not here...so on Saturday we went to

where we had a special celebration....

for our oldest son, who turns

this coming Friday. Happy Birthday, Scott...man I think I am getting old!

Happy Birthday, Dad. Is it time to cut the cake, cause I can't wait much longer?

Now, with the birthday celebration behind us...but no deep breath yet, it was time to take in a baseball game. So last night we headed to Arlington to watch

Zachary cover 3rd base and then

get an awesome hit. Great game, Zach, see you next week!

Well, all of these activities have brought us to today and I am still looking for that deep breath, however, I have to get back to my task of cleaning out my craft room. I am sorting

for a possible garage sale

and wondering...how does one collect so much stuff?
Well, while we all sort, move, and get ready for the contractors to arrive tomorrow...

Kourtney chooses to chill in the recliner with her bedtime snack and her books and we are all still looking for that deep breath.
See you tomorrow with more progress.


  1. Boy, I'm tired just reading about it!! LOL We just got everything put away and are ready for travel day tomorrow. YAY!!! Can't wait!!

    Debbie & Rod

  2. Whew!!!! Somehow , I'm exhausted...It's slow and laid back here in Red Bay...We'll see you both soon so you can get that deep breath LOL.....Hugs...Jim & Ellie

  3. Very good reporting Dortha looking forward to hearing more.

    take care and a deep breath lol


  4. Wow Dortha...Bet you can't wait to get on the road again! Well no, although alot of work, its so nice to help family.