Thursday, March 26, 2009

The New Owners

Today, Kenneth, Karen, and Kourtney became the proud new owners of a house...ours. They are very excited to be first time home owners and we are excited that our home of 35 years, and of course the one Karen grew up in, is staying in the family.
They have been renting the house for the last few years and decided that if we were ready to sell, they were ready to buy. In, fact, they were so ready, that they have the re-modelers coming on Monday to tear the place apart and update what we haven't! Now, with that thought in mind, Mark has acquired his first "workkamper" position. We will still have our RV site out back for when we are in the area, so to earn his keep over the next few weeks, he has been hired as the supervisor of the remodeling.

Mark and I remodeled the kitchen and dining room a couple of years ago, so one of the bigger jobs has already been done. Therefore, they are going to start with the den, which is the only living area and one of the next biggest jobs. We have been busy helping to pick out new carpet and furniture, deciding on paint color and the new trim. They will also be taking up the old tile in the entry and hallway replacing it with a wood floor as well as taking down that 1970's panelling. You go girl, something I could never accomplish.

We will be packing and sorting stuff from the den over the next few days in order to be ready for Monday morning. I am glad I have a motor home to retreat too when the dust starts flying.

I will be sharing pictures of the process and progress over the next couple of weeks.

We wish Karen, Kenneth, and Koutney as much happiness in this house as we have had over the past 35 years. Memories have been made from the planning and building of our first home and raising our family, and grandchildren running through, and the back door swinging day and night. Now, it is thier turn.
And while we have become house less, thank goodness we are not homeless. But, my 40' is alot easier to clean. LOL. And, of course, we will look forward to all the times we will make it back here after traveling to all the places we have yet to see.
Just be sure and keep the barn/RV site open for reservations and keep those checks going to the bank for diesel!

Thanks for an easy for sale sign, no realtor, no commissions, just a few papers to sign. We love you...enjoy your new home!


  1. How lucky to have two generations of memories in one house. Congrats

    Still missing you Brenda

  2. So glad to hear all went well with the house sale. I think I told you that Lindsay bought our house when we went full-time. They, too, did a lot of renovating. It was fun to see what they did with that old house.

    I know you're loving being able to get time with the grandkids. Enjoy.


  3. Congratulations to the whole family!
    I'm so glad this all worked out so well.


  4. Congratulations on the sale of your home!

    Where is your workamping position?

    Randy and Pam

  5. Randy and Pam...

    LOL...our workkamper position is in the driveway in Fort Worth. Karen told her dad he had to earn his he is the general contractor for the remodel job in the house.