Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nothing Special

Today has been pretty laid back, nothing special to report. We were a little slow getting up and about. After morning coffee, Mark got himself pulled together, showered, dressed, and headed out for our appointment with the tax accountant. One more year of income taxes behind us. The good news is that we are getting a small refund from Uncle Sam. I hope he has the money to send me when the paperwork gets there.

By the time he returned, Caden and Kourtney were going strong. And, Karen and I had a plan to make a trip to Costco's that included a lunch stop at Chick Fil A. By the time we had made those stops, it was time to head back home to put the two little ones down for their naps. Mark made a run to Walmart for a few items he was wanting. Then he spent the rest of the afternoon working on the jeep. We had a tail light that didn't work when plugged into the motor home. It took him most of the afternoon and until almost dark to find it, repair it, and get it all put back together.

After our dinner of grilled shrimp, rice, and salad, Karen and I took the babies, put them in the wagon and walked for about 1 1/2 miles. Then it was time for the babies to get baths and snacks. Jennifer and Scott had a dinner to go to tonight, so Caden was with us until after bath time. All is quite around here now and we have settled in from a nothing special day.


  1. Your "nothing special" day sounds very special. See you guys soon..Hugs.......Jim & Ellie

  2. Life is good as you say. The walking is good but yes I think I can eat more. Have to wait until we get home so I have my weight watchers books and stuff I can't remember what has how many points. I hear you are going to be homeless soon. Congrats I think.

    still missing you Brenda

  3. Well not much happening here either. Our g-kid decided to stay with her aunt Janet so we are still alone...Sherri is off at work and I am here doing as little as possible.

    Joe and Sherri