Monday, March 9, 2009

From A Bad Dream to Reality

I had a bad dream last night. It was a dream about having dinner with our good friends Jim and Ellie. And, they told us they had to leave today. I just couldn't believe it after all these months we have been traveling together. Then after dinner we went back to the RV park and sat around and visited just like always.
Then, as the dream continued, they said, it is time for us to say goodnight and they started telling everyone see you down the road and they went to their motor home. I just laughed and said, I will see you tomorrow. We continued to visit with everyone and roasted some marshmallows. Soon it was time for us to go home for the evening.
My dream continued and after a while I went to bed and went to sleep, but then something woke me and I heard a diesel starting and I thought OH, NO, Jim and Ellie are really leaving. But, I thought it was all a dream...
Then I really woke up this morning and I ran outside to make sure my dream was really a dream, but

It wasn't a dream, it was reality.

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  1. Oh, Dortha, I had a similar dream, only mine was a dream of traveling down the road with no beautiful Phaeton in front of us!! And when we stopped at the rv park, there was no Dortha and Mark next door!

    We will miss you both terribly! But - we will have so much fun when we start the next adventure.

    Until then, we'll see you in chat, talk on the phone, and keep up with each other through our blogs.

    Safe travels, dear friends!
    Ellie and Jim

    P.S. Jim wants to know if you think you'll be in Red Bay in "a couple of weeks?"