Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Another Week At Camp Red Bay

Yesterday, we started our second week at Camp Red Bay. Mark was back to Bay#33 around 6:45 am. I was off to do the laundry. I caught up on emails, etc. while waiting on the laundry and then was off to catch up with Mark. Yeah, they are making lots of progress on our list. I do believe we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. We hung around the customer service center for awhile and then decided we would go to lunch at Jack's in downtown Red Bay for a change of scenery.

When we returned, Terry was finishing up everything that needed to be done for the day in the service bay area. He then sent us back to our site where most of the other work will be done. Not long after we were settled in our home site, Tim, from the cabinet shop, came and took a look at the few items he needed to take care of. He took the cabinet door and dresser drawer that needed to be replaced. He took a look at my table and said they would put a shim in to level it up. And, we are waiting on one of the chairs to be returned. They will try to get to the cabinet work on Wednesday.

Once we were finished with all of the service reps for the day, we met up with Jim and Ellie and walked down to met Glenn and Sylvia. They had to park out on the runway until a site with hookups come open. In the meantime, Glenn was taking care of his blue jobs while Sylvia was doing her pink jobs. She showed us through their motor home while the guys stood outside talking about who know what.

After a short visit, we headed back to the motor home with plans for everyone to meet later at Jim and Ellie's to watch a little Monday night football. How about those Cowboys! After the game, we said our good nights and headed home. Glenn and Sylvia had to be in Bay#3 at 7 am this morning and we needed to be up early as well. Jim and Ellie got to sleep in.

This morning we woke up to CHILLY weather. In fact, we turned on the heat pump to take the chill out of the room. Well, the new smell of the heater set off the smoke alarm. Oh, well, the fireman on board took care of it. He just took out the battery! Sounds like a fix to me. Then, with the front unit, the heat pump came on and so did the furnace. We had enough heat for the whole park. Not suppose to work that way or is it? So, Mark was off to find the service tech. Well, guess what. That is the way it works on this coach. If there is a 5 degree difference in the room temp from the thermostat reading, both units will come on to heat the room faster. Okay, but, great, one more thing we have to reprogram our brains about.

In the meantime, Terry has been down to replace the painted tail pipe with the new shiny one and it is only 8 am. We thought Tim would be back this morning, but we have found out he will not be able to come work on the table until tomorrow go over to Sheffield to get the alignment done. Since that is about an hours drive, that will probably take care of the rest of the afternoon. When we return, we are suppose to check in with Scott. He works the night shift in the paint shop here at the campground and he is going to try and get the last of the buffing done and touch up where the awning hook had to be moved.

And, believe it or not, when those things are accomplished, we should be finished. And, our new motor home should actually be like new! And, then the fun can really begin. I think we have decided to stay here at Camp Red Bay for the rest of the week at least. The price is certainly right. There has been no charge for the days we have been here while getting service. However, once you are out of service, you are welcome to stay, but the the price goes to $10/day for full hook-ups. Can't beat a deal like that. There are several day trips we can plan from here. So, I think that is the plan for now. Plus, that gives us the opportunity to make sure we don't any other questions or concerns before leaving.

Well, I think I will be off for now and go and see what Jim and Ellie have decided to do and check and see if Glynn and Sylvia got worked into the system. Oh, for another fun day at Camp Red Bay!

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  1. Gee that is quite a long list of things. Seems like they are taking care of you though. I took the truck in for scheduled service and got some upgrades on the computer. All kinds of goodies done so maybe I can get another mpg out of it. LOL Have fun and think about me not having fun

    Joe and Sherri