Sunday, September 28, 2008

Our Last Weekend in Red Bay

Our last weekend in Red Bay was spent out and away from the RV park. We enjoyed some last minute site seeing yesterday. We drove to Bay Springs Lake in Dennis, Mississippi to find the Piney Grove Campground. It is a Corp of Engineers Park. From the time we first saw the sign directing us to the campground it was about 10 miles. And, that was after we had already driven a long way from Red Bay. If you plan a trip to Piney Grove just be sure to take every last crumb of food you think you might want to eat because there is no grocery store anywhere within a half day drive. However, once we found it, we were pleasantly surprised. My friend Speedy would love this place. Just be sure you have a good book.

Mark is getting us a pass to go through the park

One of 139 camp sites, most were good and level with 50amp service

A view of the Bay Springs Lake

Fall is in the air
Today is Sunday and we slept in for a little while, but we were up and ready to go to church by 10:00. We attended services at First Baptist in Red Bay. It was a good service and everyone was very friendly. We saw "Red" the man that gives the tours at the Tiffin Factory and the young lady who was our waitress at Swamp Johns. After all, when you have been here as long as we have, you begin to recognize at lot of folks.
After Church we came back to the motor home and changed clothes. We wanted to take one last stab at finding Eastman, Mississippi. This settlement no longer exists and no one here young or old seemed to know anything about it. This is the location where Mark's grandparents lived in the early 1920's. And the house where his dad was born. We knew it had to be in the area where we found the Pate Temple Cemetery. Mark located it on Google Earth and it was right where we had been, so curiosity got the best of us and off we went.
This is what we found.

There it was. About 30 or 40 yards off the main road was the house. We did not see it until we turned up the old gravel logging road. This is a view from what was the back side of the house.

This is all that remains...but how exciting to have found this much. We also found a couple of pieces of an old dish. We do know that the property still belongs to brothers and sisters of his grandmother.

Back at the Campground we spent the afternoon with Glynn and Sylvia. They had invited us to their motor home for dinner. I made a fresh blackberry cobbler and took some Blue Bell ice cream. Sylvia made salad, veggies, and potatoes and Glynn grilled steaks. Great fun guys. Thanks for dinner and a good visit.

Well, so much for a good time in Red Bay and the surrounding countryside. Tomorrow we are heading out for Chattanooga, TN to meet up with Jim and Ellie. We are looking forward to a fund couple of weeks with them. So stay tuned for those adventures. And in the meantime, I will be waiting for my Alabama alarm clock to go off!

This guy lives right outside our RV site here at Camp Red Bay and he is never late with the notice that it is time to rise and shine. Not sure how we will manage to wake up without him!

See you in Chattanooga...


  1. Dortha, while in Chattanooga you have to go to Rock City! It's such a great place to explore and see beautiful flowers and rock formations. We loved it. Safe travels.

  2. Hey you will have to tell me more about the park there. You said I would like it but you did not tell me much about it...I am waiting for the run down..