Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wind and Rain

We woke up early this morning to the wind blowing. The last bit of Ike making his presence known. I turned on the TV to get the weather only to find out we had a wind advisory and rain forecast for the day. There was a severe thunderstorm warning out that would bear watching. Well, we are up so...

Mark got the coffee started and I got showered and dressed for the day. Then Mark got shower and dressed while I attempted to make breakfast. I do say attempt, because I attempted 3 times to cook the biscuits in my new oven. Success at last. We finished breakfast and attended church at First Baptist Church in Columbus, Mississippi, via, the TV. Great Sermon. By this time the rain was coming on down, but the winds had pretty much stopped.

I started catching up on a little paper work and balancing my checkbook, etc. Mark played around on the computer, looking for somewhere to go when we leave Camp Red Bay. First thing we knew, the rain had stopped and Ellie, Jim, and the kids were walking down the road. We visited with them for a little while and made a plan for later in the day to watch football and grill hamburgers.

After a short afternoon nap we got our stuff together and made our way down to the castle. Ellie grilled the burgers and we enjoyed a good dinner, watched some football, and had a good visit. It was then time for us to come home to get things ready for tomorrow when we will once again make our way back to Bay 33. Maybe tomorrow we will get a lot done.

Tomorrow Glenn and Sylvia of Avery's Wanderings will be arriving at Camp Red Bay. We are looking forward to meeting more RV Dreamers.

Wherever you are, I wish you a great week and safe travels.

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  1. Tell Mark he shouldn't be wearing dresses, that's Speedy's job. LOL

    Stay Safe
    John and Bridget