Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Memphis, Motor Homes, and Moving

When I last posted, we were trying to decide what to do about coming to Memphis and missing Gustav. Well, almost before I could make the plan, we were off. We decided at the last minute to leave Fort Worth and head on toward Memphis to try to miss any heavy rain while traveling.

So on Sunday afternoon when Karen and Kenneth got home we left and had planned to drive to Little Rock and stop. However, when we got to Little Rock, we took the by-pass, and there was no place to stop. Then, once we got around Little Rock and headed out on I-40 we begin to notice alot of the cars on the road with Louisiana tags. (go figure) Well, this prompted my driver to keep on keeping on and first thing I know we are not stopping, we are going to drive all the way. So, long story, long drive, long night, we are in Memphis. We made the decision to go on out to Tunica because we knew that if there wasn't an RV spot, there would at least be big casinos and with big casinos come big parking lots.

We got to Tunica around 1 a.m. and to our disbelief every hotel/motel we passed the parking lots were full. And, as we thought, we got to the Hollywood/Resorts RV Park and it was looking pretty full. So were the parking lots. Okay, it's late and we are tired so just stop. We pulled up with all the the other motor homes and trailers on the parking lot and turned in for the evening. Things will look a little different in the morning. On Monday morning, Mark went down to the RV Park to check things out and got the last space they had.

We moved down to the RV Park and got set up. We tuned in to the weather and watched as Gustav make land fall. Thank goodness it wasn't as bad as it could have been. We then made our plan for how we are going to spend Labor Day. That was a no brainer. We were off to Memphis to locate Davis Motorhome Mart and 53506, even though we knew it was closed for the holiday. We drove right to it and sure enough there was our new home. It made it really hard to see it there, but not be able to get to it. So after we drooled for a little while, we then decided to locate the Audubon Point RV Park. It was just down I-55 at South Haven. We made our plan with them to stay for a few days once we picked up the motor home. We then drove around spotting a Walmart, Target, Home Depot, and all those good stores one needs in their everyday life. Once we had done that, it was back to Tunica.

I spent the afternoon doing the last of the packing and cleaning. When all of that was done, we decided to go to dinner at Paula Deen's new Buffet at Harrahs. Oh, my, either we were starving or it was just really good. I don't believe I have enjoyed a meal like that in a long time and was definately up to Paula Deen's standards. Plus she has a gift shop there too. It was a very nice evening. After we ate, we dropped a few pennies in a few slots in a few casinos on the way back to the RV Park.

Tuesday...Delievery of 53506 and our 41st Wedding Anniversary!!

We are up early and just waiting to talk to Mr. Davis to make the plan for taking delivery of the motor home. He told us to come on over around 11 a.m. When we got there they were doing the last of the cleaning. We did the walk through and then went to lunch and to Best Buy to get a Direct TV receiver box. When we got back, they were finished with the make ready, so, we got all of the paperwork done and then came the fun, the change over. I am still wondering where did all this stuff come from and where is it going? Okay, long story short...we got it all in and just in time, as there was a pretty big storm coming up from the south. We got almost to the RV park before the rain started. Keith got us to our RV space before it really started to rain and Mark barely got the electricticy plugged in. It was at this point that he realized that he had forgotten the water hose and sewer hose in the other motor home. Well, we could manage until morning when he would go back to get it. When the rain slowed down we went out to eat for our anniversary at Taco Bell. And, might I add, it was very tasty. We then headed back to the motor home to try and get a few things unpacked.

Wednesday...More unpacking and Gustav just won't quit

We were up again early this morning, Mark was off to retrieve his water hose and sewer hose and ask a few questions about the how too of various items. I think our brains were on overload yesterday or we just flat forgot. Oh, well, that is what happens when you get old. We also woke up the the rain that started yesterday around 5:00. It has been here all night and all day.

We have spent the rest of the day unpacking and trying to figure out were to put things. It is funny how different space works and doesn't work. It is now evening and we have made a lot of progress, so we are off to find something a little better than Taco Bell.

I will leave you with just a few pictures of the last couple of days.

Let me introduce you to 53506

Last of the make ready

Out of the old and into the new

Finding a place to put everything, what a job!

I would like to end this post by saying to Mark... thanks for 41 years, 3 beautiful children, and a dance I wouldn't have missed! And, who could have ask for an anniversary present like the one you delivered to me yesterday. I know we will have many beautiful memories traveling in it.

I Love You...and just look at us!


  1. Awww, how sweet! What a great anniversary, and we wish you many, many more! We are so looking forward to seeing you at Camp Red Bay!

    Many hugs,
    Ellie & Jim

  2. What a great way to celebrate your anniversary. The happiest to you both.
    Enjoy your new home, look forward to many more pictures and then of course seeing it in Kerville.

  3. Happy Anniversary. Have fun with your new home and enjoy each other.
    Dee & Jim

  4. Happy Anniversary, congratulations and big hugs to both of you!
    Enjoy every moment!
    Molly & Bob

  5. What a wonderful way to celebrate your anniversary! The rig looks gorgeous. Enjoy every minute.

  6. I am very happy for you both!! A new home and anniversary all in one day.

    Congratulation on both!!

  7. Boy, that's quite an Anniversary present. Congrats to you both!


  8. Just found your blog and backtracked to see how your QTH was built. We purchased a used one (although 8,000 miles on the odometer doesn't sound used to me) and just brought our 2009 40 QTH home this past week. Looking forward to following your trips and learning from your experience with the Phaeton.