Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Quite Day In Red Bay

We were up early as usual. One more day at the Deaton Paint Facility and I hope they are finished. Last evening while visiting with John and Carolyn they mentioned they had already made their appointment for next year's service trip and that they had to take a late August date. Nothing available for September or October and November was too late for them. So, this morning before heading out to go to Deaton's, Mark went to the office to make our appointment. It was just as Carolyn said...we got a date of August 28, 2009, with nothing available until November.

With that chore taken care of, Mark headed off to Deaton's and I headed off to the laundry and then to find a place to get my hair done. One of the ladies in the service office gave me the name of a salon, so when I finished the laundry, I headed to main street in Red Bay. I found the salon and made an appointment for tomorrow to get a haircut. I am not as brave as Ellie, who cuts her own hair.

Mark and I made it back to the campground about the same time. He went to check back in with the service tech before we got set up just in case they had a bay waiting on us. No, luck. Our service tech was working on a motor home that had a water leak for 2 years! No, way, I said. Yep, and they found that the drain had come loose from the shower. How do you not know about that?

Well, of course, they need to be taken care of, so it will be tomorrow or Wednesday before we get back in a bay. With that bit of information, I settled in to do a few things here in the motor home and got a little paperwork done. Mark worked on polishing the wheels, etc.

Guess we will just hang around here for tonight...and see what the schedule is for tomorrow.

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  1. Sounds like to me their warrenty went out 2 years ago just about the time this leak started...Imagin that... what luck...so the warrenty was still in effect when this leak started so they will not charge them to fix it.

    Joe and Sherri