Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Just Waiting and Watching and Washing

Well, here we are to Tuesday and we are just waiting and watching and washing. We got up early this morning expecting that we might see Norris, the service writer, but it is now noon and he hasn't shown up. So, I guess we will be waiting a while longer.

Our site at Camp Red Bay

As we wait, we have a perfect view of the service bays where everyone comes and goes to get the work done. I have to say this is quite a busy place. So, I left Mark, both waiting and watching and I went to do the washing of the clothes. When I got to the campground laundry all 5 washers and dryers were going strong. I got in some good computer time while I did a little waiting to do the laundry.

With the laundry done for another few days, I was off back to the motor home to find Mark still in the recliner, just waiting and watching. Well, by this time, he has done enough waiting and watching, so he is off to the service center to find out where in the grand scheme do we fall.
This is the place to be, and all eyes are on the bay that becomes vaccant! LOL

Well, all they want to know is...has Norris been to see you? NO, Norris is no where to be found! However, they do have a workorder number and a scan number so we can at least get our awning and vent covers purchased. I am not sure that is a good thing, as all you do is tell them what you want, they scan your number and it now belongs to you. Knowing this, I will have to keep a short leash on Mark. This could be more dangerous than his check card, especially, if I have to stay here very long.

In the meantime, while he is getting the awnings and vent covers, they have discovered that this is a brand new unit just delivered last week. Okay, now that seems to shed a different light on the matter. Now, they assure him that we will get you taken care of. It wasn't long after Mark returned to the motor home that two guys came to visit us regarding the paint issues. One of our visitors was from the paint plant at Belmont. After taking a look and see, they have assured us that we would get a phone call as to what time we need to be in Belmont in the morning and these issues will be corrected. Guess we will just continue to wait on that phone call.

Then, after the trip to Belmont, we will return here to the campground service center and do a little more waiting and watching to get into the express service bay for all the other little items.

In the meantime while we are doing all of this waiting and watching it has started to rain. So, I guess unless it stops we will be waiting until another time to get the awning and vents installed. Or, maybe, they work in the rain. I guess we will wait until our 3:00 appointment and see if they show up.

Well, I am done washing, so now all that is left for the day is to wait and watch and be reminded that we really must just take one day at a time and enjoy every moment of this day we have been given.
Hugs to you all!


  1. I know that my Bud is pacing the floor. Not too long on patients are you Bud. I guess I should be there with you...a few beers and some stories about the good old days and you would forget your in line. LOL Have fun while you can

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Dortha, thanks for all the info on your "lessons learned". Maria and I are taking notes. One day we'll go through the same thing.

    As always, I love listening to my fav song on your blog; One day at a time, Sweet Jesus. Thanks for keeping that on the site.

    Safe travels, chat soon!