Monday, September 22, 2008

Finding More Family History

Before I share our day, I want to wish Andrew, our oldest grandson, Happy Birthday. Today he is 11 years old. Hope you had a great birthday. We Love You, Mop and Pop

Today we are starting our third week at Camp Red Bay. We were up early this morning and had to have the motor home back to the Paint Shop for some more touch up and back tomorrow for final buffing. We got the switch box hooked up today for the satellite and tomorrow or Wednesday they should finish up by replacing some cracked lenses. However, we have decided to stay on here in Red Bay through the weekend.

Once we got the motor home delivered to the paint shop and grabbed breakfast at Swamp John's, we came back to the campground to say our good-byes to Jim and Ellie. They are traveling down towards Columbus, MS for Ellie to meet up with some friends. We plan to meet up with them again on September 29 in Chattanooga, TN. But until then, Mark and I are here in Red Bay and continue to wander out and about from the campground.

After we found the Ridge Cemetery where his grandfathers parents were buried, today we went today to find the Benefield Cemetery where his grandmother's family was buried.

This was our only clue that we had arrived at the entrance to the cemetery!

This is the road to the cemetery

After about a mile up the dirt road we dead ended into the cemetery

This is the headstone for Granny Hall's parents
There were several of Granny's sisters and brothers also buried in this little cemetery
After the cemetery, we decided we would see what else was in the area. We saw a sign for the
G V Montgomery Lock and Dam so we took the turn.

This is one of 10 lock and dam systems along the Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway

This is the low side of the lock. This one raises and lowers 50 feet

The view down the river from the lock

After leaving the lock and dam we drove down to Beaver Lake

After the drive around the lake, we headed back to Red Bay. By the time we had lunch, it was time to pick up the motor home at the paint shop. We got back to the campground and got settled in at our site. We got the schedule for tomorrow and then John and Carolyn, our next door neighbors came and invited us to dinner at the Chinese Buffet. Another fun day!

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  1. Well here I set at my desk eating my lunch reading about your trip to the cemetary. Do you think anyone will care enough to hunt us up one day??? I doubt anyone will really care about looking me up or down...HE HE

    Joe and Sherri