Friday, September 12, 2008

In and Out or Out and In

We were up again this morning at 5 am and arrived in Belmont at 6 am to finish the blending and buffing of the paint process from yesterday. As soon as we got there, Jackie, our paint specialist, told us he had to hurry to get us finished and headed back to Red Bay. He had been informed that we had been scheduled for a service bay at 7 am. Well, that was new to us, but great, we will take it.

We are In

We promptly finished in Belmont, gave Jackie our thanks for doing a great and for taking care of something that should have never occurred. But, hey, it is done and the paint looks fantastic. And, the diamond shield is replaced and looks great with no left over bug parts or compound underneath it. Mark is on his way to becoming a Happy Camper. Okay, out of Belmont and in to Red Bay!

We are Out

Wow, back to Red Bay and it’s early and we are going to get in and get a few more items scratched off the list. We got to the service area right at 7:00 as scheduled. Mark when to check us in…Mr. Hall, we don’t have you scheduled for today. Who told you that? Three people at Belmont, was his response, one of them being the head person! Uh………….well, uh… we might get you in an express bay for 3 hours. Do you have your priorities listed? They are all priorities, so, what happens if you haven't finished with our list us in 3 hours. And, the answer was, you will have to be rescheduled. I don’t think so, was Mark’s next response. Well…

There just happened to be a gentlemen standing there during all of this conversation who inquired. Are you service number 910, Mr. Hall, with the new coach that has been in Belmont? Yes, sir. Well, if you will go back to your site, we will try to get you in this afternoon and get started.

So, we just thought we were in, but we are out.

Okay, back at the site, backed in, jacks down, slides out, deep breath…getting the list prioritized and the phone rings. Mr. Hall, we need for you get right on over to Bay 33, we have a spot for you. So, we are thinking, express bay here we come. Well, upon our arrival at Bay 33, we are greeted with a nice young service tech who assured us he is going to take care of all of our issues, including the ones we have added since being here. And, this is not an express bay. Yeah, we are in! At least, from this point forward, this will be our home from 7-3 until things are completed, which will probably not be until sometime next week.

We are in

We have now returned to our site where we are looking forward to the weekend. We have been in and out and out and in so many times today, that we are spinning like Hurricane Ike. And, on that serious note, our prayers for all of the folks that might be in harm’s way during the next 24-48 hours and for those who have had to pack up and leave their homes behind. We have many friends and family all over Texas who will be affected over the next couple of days. So, for all of you guys, be safe.

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  1. Wow Mo! Watching you and Ellie navigating Red Bay is a trip! I never even knew of such scenarios. Thanks for the play by play and enjoy your weekend staying put!