Friday, September 26, 2008

A Day Away from Red Bay

There is no sleeping in around Camp Red Bay, as everyone is trying to get to their assigned service bay before 7 am. So, even though we are finished, we were up and about. Our neighbors, John and Carolyn, were up early getting ready to leave for their home state of Florida. So, we said our good byes to them and then headed over to the service office to officially check out. With that done we decided to head out for a day trip.
We decided that we would go to Tishomingo State Park. The name Tishomingo is a Chickasaw name meaning "Warrior Chief or Medicine Leader". We first looked at some camp sites around a small lake, but quickly decided that we would not fit the spot, so we were off to see the other sites throughout the park.

The RV sites are around this lake

Pioneer Log is an example of the fine wood and stone craftsmanship of the early pioneers.

A wooden dam in the park

The Swinging Bridge dates back to 1930. The bridge crosses high above Bear Creek and is the entrance to the hiking trails that go along the creek and along the top of the canyon walls. Only 5 people at a time are allowed on the bridge.

This is a look down the Bear Creek from the swinging bridge.

A plant I saw while walking along the trial in the park. I wonder if you can eat these berries?

Taking time out to talk to one of the kids

We think this used to be a waterfall

I am not sure, but it looks my leader is lost?

When we left Tishomingo State Park, Iuka, MS was next on our list. The first stop was some lunch and then it was on to find the covered bridge and the Mineral Springs Park. We where having a hard time finding the bridge so I enlisted some help...

Thanks to the local sheriff, he took us straight to the bridge.

Covered can still drive through this one.

Across the street from the covered bridge is the Iuka Mineral Springs Park. The world famous mineral springs was named after Chickasaw Chief Iuka. The water won the 1902 World Fair prize for best mineral water.

Mineral Water Fountain

In downtown Iuka stands this little Church. It is an 1873 board and batten Carpenter Gothic Episcopal Church. It is used only for weddings and special events.

One last stop while in Iuka was the Woodall Mountain. It is the highest elevation in Mississippi at 806'. You take a scenic gravel road to the top. We actually had to use the 4-wheel drive to the top. Woodall Mountain is known as America's bloodiest high point because of the 1862 Battle of Iuka during the Civil War. Up to 300,000 troops passed through the area during the Civil War. Iuka was a popular mustering out location due to the plentiful springs and healthful climate.

Marker at the top of Woodall Mountain

King of the Mountain? I think he has had too much sun. It must be time to go for now!

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