Monday, September 29, 2008

Chattanooga Bound

We said our good-byes this morning at Camp Red Bay, boarded the bus and we were off. We are heading towards Chattanooga, TN where we are meeting up with Jim and Ellie, where we will be spending the week. We will be at the Holiday Trav L RV Park. We are looking forward to setting up and settling in and enjoying the motor homes, the campground and the sites. As we traveled down the road today, and actually for the first real trip since we picked up the motor home, here are a few of the things we saw along the way...and by the way, the trip was great!

The Space Center at Huntsville, Alabama

Any one want to sign up for the next trip?

Yes, we are going in the right direction

What a view

This bridge was off in the distance, not sure where it goes

Almost there

The Tennessee River

Yikes, it's later than I thought!

This was the second attempt to get fuel today. The first place we stopped had no diesel. We paid $4.11/gal at this truck stop.

That is one tall bridge!

Well, here we are at the RV Park, and look who we found...Jim and Ellie! We are almost set up, but we have decided it is time for late late lunch or early dinner so we are going to head out to find some good ole Mexican food.

Well, we found the food and it was Yum, so now we have to finish getting those pink and blue jobs done so we can enjoy the week. So stay tuned for the adventures in Chattanooga, including the Choo Choo!

This is the view from our motor home, that is until someone sets up in front of us


  1. If you have time and are looking for a scenic drive. Try the Lookout Mtn Parkway. Don't miss the drive around Little River Canyon just outside of Fort Payne.

  2. Hello from Westpark!! I told Karen that I have been following your travels!! I'm just jealous! Have fun, and safe travels! I can't wait to see the new motor home! Jeremy Kinder

  3. OK You two just have to slow down I can't keep up with you. I see where Ellie wrote that Mark got you all lost going to the Dickel Brewery. Well I told her that the Fireman goes so fast he is well ahead of the directions...all you need to do is hit him with a directory and he will re-program himself ....LOL Tell me what the plan is for New Years?? Are we all meeting in Tunica? I ask John and Bridget if they were going. I can't remember what the plan was. Sherri said you talked to her but I was not included in the conversation. Oh Well you know I will go where ever I am told to
    HE HE

    Joe and Sherri